Tuesday, 24 November 2015

asr pyaar ipk

one of my favourite angry indi writing was on asr (read here)... why create him if all you need to do is change him?

why love him and ooh and aah when you just want him to be someone else.

one thing about this man was his honesty. his innate straight forwardness.

wonder if we ever ask ourselves why we adored him. or for that matter khushi? wonder if we can come up with the real answer and stick to it.

and what is this erroneous notion of love "changing" people? why do women cherish it so? patriarchy? or just a diet of too much syrupy so called romance.

ipk was a rare love story because it dared to present the nature of love minus sugar coating. love and romance as it can be. and that's what hit me hard, making me think  (when i could that is, which was not that often :) ) this will have a fabulous impact on all those who watch. i want my girl to watch it some day.

there was reality in its unbridled absolute romance, nafrat mohabbat gussa sanka fights faraq and all. and it, like its protagonist asr, never tried to please anyone... it was what it was.

yes, the hero did rip the heroine's dori in epi 2. on valentine's day, he did drag her to a temple and forced her to give in to his demands... and she didn't from day one ever cow down... she gave it to him.

her moving moving soliloquy (see below)... about that feeling that rose in the middle of nafrat. oh what a feeling that. ipk nurtured it and cherished it and said clearly love is a beautiful thing, way outside the trappings we give love.

when he said i love you to her nicely, brokenly... over the phone... many in the forum roared and said, that ain't asr's confession... nahiiin...

it was only after i love you dammit that there was elation. and dammit became more powerful than what the. because somewhere we knew him and knew his loving had to have that asr thing about it.

asr always had the ability to love wondrously, but was walled in, damaged. she too was damaged in her own way but coping differently, with laughter and relationships...

something just fell into place when they met... then connected... viscerally.

as we did with the show.

that gut wrenching connection is priceless.

and i don't need artificial sweetness added to the man the woman the pyaar the home the hp... nothing to make it work.


kuch rishte ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hai...
takrar se shuru hote hai... nafrat ke saaye mein panapte hai...
girte hai padte hai lekin qayam rehte hai
nafrat badti jati hai aur rishte ki gaath
aur gheri hoti jaati hai...
itni... ki ek din nafrat bhi aur barne se
rma jati hai... aur woh rishta
sirf ek bandhan ban ke
reh jati hai...lekin sirf nafrat ka.
kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai jaise
nafrat ke iss mahaul mein kuch toh hai...
 jo humse kehta hai ki...
iss ansuni... aanjani si... ankahe se ehsaas ko
ek mauqa toh do...
par jis rishte ki neev hi nafrat par rakhi hui ho
usse kuchh bhi umeed lagana
nadani nahin toh kya hota hai?
aur shayad yeh nadani hum kar baithe
a kyun itne nafrat ke bawajud
hume aap ki yaad aa rahi hai?

kyun hum aap se ladte hain, jhagadte hain...
lekin apke jaane ke baad aap hi ki raah dekhte hain...
hawao se baatein karte hain


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