Tuesday, 24 November 2015

you don't have a character.

asr. he could really do anything. that line he flung at kkgsr on the terrace was kind of off as far as the language was concerned, but oh... he made it say everything he wanted to. there was always this penchant for being iconic, unforgettable, in this man. but when i saw episode one of ek jashn it was as though he had actually been forgotten. i was hurt. i still am to some extent. i couldn't watch... thing is, this not at all perfect man and his crazy paramour had become so much mine and part of me, i can be pretty ridiculous about a character who many think isn't real. long back, i have spent three fairly bored years analysing character in college... asr made me realise why any character at all needs analysis and how you could never ever really pall of it. there's always more to explore, see, feel, learn from, gasp at, yearn for, smile stupidly about. anyway, i was pretty upset and there was this broken brittle edge to my thoughts, reminded me of khushi at teej after asr opens la's fast, and something in kkg is frazzles, strike strike strike she goes with matchstick, perturbed. for hours i wrote nothing. then while chatting with a friend on india forums, where we spoke of alien abductions and distant lands as one does teehee when totally gobsmacked, i wrote this.  

character is so key...

hello hi bye bye... key bhurds: distant lands. 

bahutei distant be these lands where the asr strolls sleepily around now, hair flopped on forehead (sweetly blow dried), and fixed sweet as in not kadwa smile on face. a morph to di may have been affected, maybe that ij bhats the issnakewa that dhaiya ho planned as his supreme and ultimate revenge, by the blue of salman ji style bracelet. actually, now that i think of it, that bracelet morphed too and became a ghadi, a waaatch on the raizada wrist.

hmmm that watch... hintiya hintiya? to tells all fans and fangurrls time hui gawa, hello hi bye bye? bhayankar interesting symbolism sigh..


i went walking about there in that distant land heart dhakdhakking minus acidity and saw things wild and ajeeb.

a certain mr spock stuck up his hand, forked his fingers and said: fascinating. then he turned around and revealed a lovely lass standing behind in frilly skirt of floaty pink lace, he enveloped her in his arms and looked at the horizon sparkling with taarey, they paused... then they danced away into the light, i clearly heard him whisper, "promise you'll never leave me?" as i turned to leave i bumped into captain kirk. "have you seen dhaiya ho?" he said.

i ran from there thinking yeh ho kya raha hai, and walked straight into the bed chamber of one desdemona, she the frail and beautiful fair one the moor did love. nahiiin, i thought, this can't be a good time to be hanging about here in this boudoir. 'twas exactly when strolled the dark one himself in, oh othello... magnificent warrior, cuckolded lover, honest fine upright human being, just credulous, a bit too much in love, and perhaps a tad insecure. now he'll finish her off, bachaaoo.

"it is the cause, it is the cause, my soul," muttered he. i hid behind diaphanous curtains. "who's there? othello?" said the poor ladki who'd soon breathe her last. "ay, desdemona..." he whispered huskily, "that was such a wonderful feast you cooked, specially the jalebi, iago loved 'em," he ran to her and scooped her up in his arms and they swayed away looking at each other rapt.

i ran from there and on my way passed a mean and nasty man. iago... "where is that dhaiya ho, how dare he steal the handkerchief," he muttered evilly.

outside, i chanced upon a dashing car. i jumped in... i saw the gadgets, i swooned. it was the automobile of our mr bond. he came there shortly thereafter, leaned against the bonnet, pulled out a gun... no a banjo. rabba vey. and started playing it to a nifty beat, looking moodily at the night. 

strange are the beings and ways of these distant lands... i thought i heard a voice say, "nothing is elementary, my dear watson."

rabba vey and please someone yell "shut up!" at me. beam me up, scotty.



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