Friday, 20 November 2015

jashn in red and brown... iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? ek jashan.

i opened facebook this morning and there were these two shots.
my breath almost stopped. i can't explain even to myself what i feel when i see something like this. some things are lodged too deep within, embedded in one's sinew, heart, spleen, who knows where... 
the man in brown. the girl in red. no, she was never the woman in red... always girl, always the best thing about that word... and he, never anything but a man. the man. 
only to her maybe he'd show the boy in him. only with him will the woman in her suddenly kindle, incandescent.. red.
the night of diwali of course came and lit up a corner. that's the night i had fallen hook, line, and bated ragged breath for them, for a show... i couldn't believe it sitting there that midnight that a thing going on on a screen ten feet away could do this to me.
that night he was in grey. she in red. and no one made red like her. a girl backing away, her crazy uncontrollable not yet understood longing glazing her eyes, calling out to him, her lips trembling in the palest pink, desire darker than red.
the night of brown was the one where i realised i am looking here not only at a gorgeous handsome man but a fine actor, an incredible one, that movement of emotion across his eyes, his slowly slackening jaw; an actor with such keenness, such potential. i thought of the word... thespian. swear. that was the night of the terrace. or what we came to call mu. he wore brown there standing at the door of a dark treacherous terrace, losing his mind.
breathing has really become hard. wonder what we shall see on those ipkknd ek jashan episodes being announced starting 24 november... on tuesdays and saturdays it seems. i hear there are eight episodes and one more on the making of ipk. no idea really. what will be will be. 
but what is... is this moment of looking at these pictures and feeling them enter me.

gosh, he looks so asr. yeah, a slight heavier stubble in a french cut beard sort of style. it's been three years, asr is always trendy... bet that look is in. but no one makes it more aaargh than asr of course. and khushi... doesn't the hairstyle remind you of the day she cooked frantically, looking fabulous, and he walked down the verandah gazing at her with that smitten smile, again in brown. and she felt her dhakdhak coming at her out of nowhere, clutched her heart and said, sab aapki galati hai. yeah, it's all your fault. really. and there's no jashn really like this galati.

pictures credit uploader. ps: still wondering if i should spell the j word jashan or jashn. maybe i'll use both... they are so classic and yet here and now, sp deep and yet dancing on my skin... so why not both spellings, the written and the colloquially spoken, what.


  1. Indi you just say it so perfectly. Yes, she is the girl with all the best connotations that go with it. And he was always 'the Man'. Uff how can the eyes speak so fluent a language ...

    1. ruchi, hi... thanks. what a day it's been. great to see you. yes yes and yes, the eyes, even in low visuals... and the body language. ufff i am looking forward to a suddenly active forum and many sleepless nights.