Sunday, 22 November 2015

jashn and a beginning

nostalgia as the day comes close, pictures appear, talk is heard, and a man in a suit walks through our mind. ipkknd ek jashn... imagine, barun again. i have no idea what's in store for us. i don't know how i'll react if it is not what i think it might be. i have been silly and smitten before. i may be just that again. or not. but this feeling, this high, this anticipation, i am happy for it. barun may never ever know what it is that he created with asr... or maybe he will some day. a very nasty part of me is happy that star had to relent, had to get down from its we know it all horse or pony or mouse or whatever and acknowledge this show reaches people other shows just never ever have... it was always the case... they had no idea how to monetise it then. now they think they have found a way. the actor who you threw under the bus when you couldn't get to keep it all going, again because fans would not let you... that same guy you had to call back. a very intent on justice part of me is yelling yeehaa at that. however i have no idea really what's coming. just what is here. in me.


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