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episode 245 a character she did have

i saw the episode yesterday, made edits, went through the usual things... work and stuff, and just now thought i'd sit down and write. when i asked myself, what i wanted to write about, the first time in all this while since we started watching ipk, the answer came clearly... nothing.

so this is a very short, teehee aisa bhi hota hai, take from the most longwinded one on the thread.

only one thing i do really want to say.

they done 'er in. kamlesh was right, someone was out to get her.

the gupta house track could have been spectacular, if they did not play the way they did with khushi's character... and found another way to show the growing ease and intimacy between asr and khushi.

in a different milieu and away from a large household with its formal ways and demeanour, yes, wonderful things could have happened.

these here are very very capable writers... yes, they get a little "inspired" by movies. also, they borrow as and when they need from that common pitara of ideas that serials of indian channels seem to share. but they actually told a pretty good tale and with extreme understanding of character and the nature of love, romance, wild attraction and super acidity.

they are writers of great ingenuity even... some of the things... aah like a fine movie at times.

but i have no idea why... they went gloopy sweet and pink wall at gh. lost that ken.

saddest of all, they damaged khushi. the pen is mightier than the shears, the knife, the screw driver, the noose, even asr.

i came to this forum when midnight after midnight i watched the sudden chaotic change in rhythm in a perfectly fabulous character and could not bear it... i needed help.

after more than two years, i feel exactly the same way about khushi during this track.

it was just plain wrong.

barun said once that this was, as happens in many shows indian, a story with an accent on the male protagonist. but actually he was not quite right; indian serials, unlike indian films are the opposite of that ever since ekta decreed so and the likes of parvati and tulsi invaded our living room.

a strange woman, cast in shades of tradition and hues of so called modernity came into being and has primetime in her stranglehold ever since. she in some way is supposed to be us... what the.

of course, we do get a bit of respite from our "mahaanta" from time to time, but only the akbars and the rana prataps of this world or the panch pandav get to shift focus from the great indian bahus and betis.

a really strong male character, a mere mortal at that, is a rarity i think in our soaps. which is why asr was so precious and of course, his traits, main mar jawaan.

but khushi was gorgeous too... not just to look at, but as a differentiated, clearly thought out, zany yet rooted character, individualistic in her own way. khushi gave me hope.

gh track played with her in the most unkind way.

sorry, khushi would never do such a ridiculous thing: watch kamlesh and decide asr wants to kill her. then imagine mind numbing scenarios, oh suddenly is she brainless twit utterly. nahiiin, writer did not, and i underline that, solve the problem by getting amma and bua ji to comment on her state of sanka again and again, even asr's sweet gentle concern and is she ok killer lines did not do the trick.

would khushi really go kill herself suddenly like that? and even in that the ridiculing doesn't stop... the terrible hand phone sequence.i may love asr, but i absolutely stood by khushi too. i am not into rituals and hey dm ways, but when she did it, it felt lovely and right... mainly because both writer and actor knew who she was. i knew jalebi cannot be made without fermenting the batter, but i let it pass because the character and jalebi had essential vibe, yeah, essential, samjhi tum?!

she had a complete personality. she was spicy and hot and intelligent with just the right amount of goofiness. it was so natural. she had a modern mind... she was far less a"hum" and far more a "main" than most girls in our shows. she had her own ways of tackling things and she fought for those. she was tradition loving, but never old fashioned. her approach to working in the initial episodes, to taking on new things, not fearing... aaah lovely girl.

she made mistakes. who doesn't.

but she was no fool.

after the wedding, when the road ahead did not look that clear... a suddenly spiked khushi was perhaps what they felt would catch trps, giggles, and give all a break to think what lies ahead.

might have even worked.

but the writing was just not sensitive or right. i wonder who lost touch with khushi and how.

i cannot imagine the girl who was standing with a phone on a ledge ready to jump off as the girl on the bridge later.

even "kis mitti se bani hai" does not save her. not for me. not if i am being honest with myself.

sanaya did brilliantly from bridge through kidnap... and because i just did not want to remember what i had seen here, i decided to let it be. but a funny kind of damage to the character was done and that never would get fixed. in fact, they kept shoving her around as and when they felt like it. sadly.

also this casting middil kilass as the good guys and the rich as baddies most insensitive, yikes, save me from these erroneous ideas... stereotypical and vapid they be.

okay enough talk.

love is  a demanding thing... and i do love ipk... so it's okay, will take the tamasha and go on to what's next. as i do with lub in real lifewa.

gh track might have been brilliant though. all the actors did their very best. i am grateful... and taekwondo queen, kahin aur ek duniya hogi where you are allowed to kick and punch the h out of your macho husband no matter which bed you two share. no amnesia by your creator there.

stray thoughts:

er 'scuse me, he is putting up clothesline for this house... where is my asr, where have you all hidden him? and sorry to be so terribly shallow but if he is the kind who always yearned to fix clotheslines in his in laws' home, then toodloo pip pip, asr, me go love another guy.

"laad governor safed kameez pe jalebi ke daag ki tarah hain... haar nahin maante!" laad gov is like a jalebi mark/stain on a white shirt, refuses to accept defeat. dialogue writers are trying hard to keep things interesting.

suddenly khushi is almost 23, just two months short of it. okay, whatever.
yeah, someone clearly intended to kill khushi. she should have just run away from the script.

and full attendance demanded by khushi at funeral. even salman must be sad... sweet. just that i am fading.

it felt good to see asr looking mean and unconcerned. aww.


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