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episode 226 a love story isn't a fairy tale

 a much loved popular fairy tale now comes into play to take us into the heart and mind of asr and khushi.

my feeling honestly, a too obvious ploy, not very ipk. how to establish khushi's hurt and the complexity of asr using a fairy tale... is he monster, is he prince? somehow felt unsubtle and missed the pitch, my view strictly. of course the little touches, such as on the call to aman, he avers someone is trying to use the media to ruin ar's image, portraying them as monsters, etc., were nice details.

the writing of this episode i felt was somehow not from the heart. nani's explanation as to why the kids will be studying so late... while painting a true picture of many kids' life in india today, felt unreal. most importantly, if there is any commitment to kids... then how come this whole project was abandoned conveniently once the beauty and beast tale was established?

and more significantly, what does that really say about khushi? or khushi doesn't really matter? once before she was shown doing classes, then no mention of that.. now again... because writer needed a convenient hook to hang a fairy tale on.

i understand to take one to a fairy tale, the easiest way is to involve kids... for heer ranjha a stage was needed and a tacky idea thought up. fine, not arguing, this is a serial and all sorts of such weird things do happen, even n life. but this casual rush in and out of tuition class, ah well.

there are other ways to take us to beauty and the beast if one must. but as i said, i found the choice of story a bit flat.

harpreet and nikhil however were the kind of brats i like to watch. especially nikhil, the layered one... he with the specs and so easily scared but it is he that will brave the shaitan, offer chilli, try to fix the fearless harpreet and also read what he is not supposed to. the boy will go far in life and hopefully not abandon his complexity ever. even if the front teeth grow back.

this time round, sanaya's beautifully delivered dialogues on how a man can be such a beast and a prince at the same time, didn't touch my heart. what heer ranjha and holi had communicated were for some reason right, while this was forced. i feel as an actor, sanaya did try but was not really convinced. i have watched her fascinated doing the kans and krishna story... heer ranjha, really, she suddenly caught the wind and sailed to such a far off beautiful place you had to go with her.

aisa kyun hota hai... when she had an absurd question to ask, that too of a man who had been miserable to her was beautiful. one could write pages on that one scene.

beauty and the beast with the apt little red rose and the plant story might have worked, but the idea didn't fly, i felt it stayed too tied in the creatives' mind... not released into a beautiful execution of a concept.

however i did enjoy a couple of things.

like the fact that khushi is hurt and is feeling it... she is ready to show her "upset" to this man whom she loves, just because maybe she loves him. an "apnapan" in this. a lovely moment when he surprises her. she almost reaches out to admonish him, and then remembering that he'd hurt her, she turns away... just as we do sometimes in our lives.

his struggle with himself as he heard her narration touched me, the sadness in her voice... he was unhappy to see her thus, though he believed she was having an affair and was not at all as innocent as she looked...

i enjoyed his handling of the kids... but not as much as i had enjoyed the kanya puja episodes, here there was a big sign over the entire episode which read "CUTESIE PIE", barun's struggle to save asr from it was commendable.

did he succeed? only because of his disbelieving then irritated/hurt/grumpy air upon hearing that he was shaitan and she sundari... and then that rakish way in which he ticked her off and told her to go look at the many mirrors of the house if she thought she was sundari. awful handwriting was so lovely...
and why did i get the feeling asr indulged in a bit of sublime flirting?

oh she sensed it alright... that gritted teeth on the see mirror note.

ha ha... that is why i am still hanging on to, waiting for 227.

sorry can't do edits, away from home, on kith and kin's laptop, not too comfortable with it, but... that smile upon reading harpreet's note is one for the books, hopefully will do an edit soon.

ha. did manage to do a few edits of the rakshas.


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