Monday, 23 November 2015

thoughts running around an approaching jashn and that chemistry

look who's here. okay, dumping all pretense of being cool, intelligent, to be taken seriously, etc., and going awww... juz' look at him, will ya, will ya will ya... yikes, pink?!!! no matter, awww.

and uff our ladki, our favourite girl in the world, she of the gota and pompom and vishwas. but where be gota where be pompom, khussie bitiya... never mind, hum khushi khushi baney-ing pagal looking at you. you gave us that vishwas... girl, you're so missed and we are so happy to see ya.

credit: hotstar

T H E   P R O M O

ipk promos are traditionally chaos causing, mind bending, killing... holi, diwali, hut scene, who can forget. but the dhakdhak and tightening of stomach muscles this one set off, surpassed even dhaiya ho's crookedness, mami ji's gold crush, aranv ji's what the. in a class of its own this excitement... after almost 1,084 days, into 24 hours... into... yeah, can anyone blame us. hum pagal ho rahe they... we were going insane. so, will dhaiya ho join the jashn?


did we just say dhaiya... nooo. NIMBOO MIRCHI, pilleejh.  


laad governor danceth, khushi twirleth, he pulleth dupatta. 
we passeth out.


before we go to the next dhakdhak, let us welcome the one who returns after three

long years in the way di and khussie bitiya have taught us.

where's that ARATI ka thaal then.

also, let's break a NARYAL aka coconut to pray for the kushal mangal, health and well

 being of all that's ipk.

 especially, the CHEMISTRY.

yes protect it, hey DM, protect it... RAKSHA KARNA.


sweat talk, good times and chemistry


off screen masti as it's called is practically a brand created by ipk, the actors and the viewers, with great help from sbs and sbb, of course. now hotstar is also into creating this free flowing magic, reaching out to the tweeting audience anywhere everywhere. as we watch sanaya talk about sweat, barun, body parts and barun retaliate with a single sentence involving sanaya's hair and, er, his beard... hmmm concentrating is becoming hard. this jodi is downright khatarnak (dangerous)...

borders disappear

nostalgia makes the mind wander as we get ready to leave the past for a moment and step into the future.

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"hello hi bye bye, arnav babua, kitne saal hui gaye tumse milke, haan!"

hello hi bye bye, arnav my boy, been years since we met!


said mami ji walking into the sets, and a funny pangy smile hit me somewhere hard to pinpoint. utkarsha naik was getting into the skin of the character, she said, and what a character our mami.
such a gorgeous sight, the dolled up bootiphool one preening.
Happiness is knowing after hello hi there's bye bye... di is smiling sweetly, akas bitwa has blow dried hair, nani ji might come along any time, with lakshmi ji? even op/hp/jp, maybe payal, nk, babu ji... that adhoori kahani, incomplete story of babu ji and snake... will that get told at last? maybe, maybe not... perhaps la will come by with her new boyfriend. pam? sim? this mad pagal feeling.

guess what it's ipk and isn't this skd?

and it's not over till it's...


"m..m..maaf kijiye wo... humne aapke gamle se woh... m..mitti.."

"uss gamle mein maine beej boye they..."



"humey thodi pata tha...?!

hum... mitti wapas lekar aate hain..."

"shut up."

"par... humne woh-!"

"khushi, shut up."

bhelcomes back, ipk. you are such a total jashn.


i p k k n d ek jashn

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