Thursday, 26 November 2015

episode 244 to kill a crazy wife

favourite se shuru kartey hain. 

i was watching the episode, slightly wan, pretty sure i would not really feel it much, when things started to pop out and pull at my thought and heart strings. despite several rounds of pretty nasty yanks, the dori that ties me to ipk had not been snapped, not even slightly damaged. i watched khushi walk into a place full of pink and red and orange and yellow flowers. she was in red, she looked thrilled. did anything else matter.

once there was rangoli here to welcome him, now flowers of many hues... so pretty. and the gardener was somewhere around no doubt. there, she had spotted him.

this allusion to a garden and a gardener, always moved me. somewhere perhaps ipk was about growth, about birth. about a seed being planted, quite accidentally that would become the most beautiful of trees one day, bearing fruit and flower, giving shade, staying strong in the face of wind, rain hail storm.

usually seeding involves some injury to the earth where it will be planted. was the snapping of dori that? a sudden cleaving... a cut through... a taking in of something that is encoded to grow. to flourish, to bloom and to take all the seasons of life and live and say i am life, i am love, i just jolly well am.

she looked like a lovely red rose... was he her gardener too? as she was his sunshine?

there was layer texture beauty and plenty "decoding" opportunities in this garden. 

she is entranced by the sight and walks up to the man who waits offscreen... there was this perfect catching of the scene by both actors. it's a fantasy, a dream, with a sexy humour horror twist to it. complex. can easily lose the sexiness and become slapstick. but that chin lifted little devil smile on barun's face and her flustered response to that made sure you never missed the slightly hot slightly cool sexiness of it all.

in her harried state, khushi rushes about thinking her man is plotting many ways to bump her off. the one she has a day dream about sees him as she knows him to really be inside... in earlier sequences like this he is the awful arrogant tycoon.

but here, he is gardener.

one can see the growth of a feeling even in the way she dreams of him... and there are some really fabulous ones to come. in fact, we show a lot of ourselves in our off conscious mind, subconscious state, don't we?

"yeh sab tumhare liye, " all this is for you, he smiles.

i was taken in the first time... thought maybe the guy is feeling so bad, he is wanting to make her happy. and once she had done this too, so maybe he is closing a loop, quite an ipk thing being that.

"aap... aap muskura rahe hain?" you are smiling? ah, so she has noticed the smile and enjoys it.

"haan! kyunki aaj main bahut khush hoon...tumhe kuch dena chahta hoon..." yes, because i am very happy today... want to give you something. barun's voice was intimate yet energetic and just plain lovely.

"kya?!" what?! a hesitant lost little thrilled kkgsr.

"ya! tumhare liye ek surprise hai. apni aankhen band karo." aww that ya!... close your eyes, says the man of her dreams, surprise awaits.

"bataiye na kya hai, gulab?" tell me what, roses?

and in comes the villain hamming hindi mobhies ishtyle "gulab ke saath kante bhi hote hain..." with roses you get thorns too. very hindi film dialogue, masala hindi film at that.

okay i am giggling. this whole thing makes no sense, but what the! there's the two of them acting supremely corny, not being good, not being holier than thou, not thinking, not feeling just being and in their dream garden.

eden. eden it is.

"gulab tumhe mil gaye, ab kaanto ki baari..." you have got the roses, now it's the turn of thorns.

sleazy lowered voice by actor enjoying the drama element. and out come shears. drama queen opens eyes wide, reacts... over reacts. nice pitching. nice music. nice framing. all those fresh flowers and the counterpoint: happy mean killer.

"jab mere raste ka kaanta hatega... tabhi toh mujhe milega... gulaaab," when the thorn in my path is removed, that is when i will get... rose.

okay barun is brill here, i am thinking i need to see gabbar. snap. the shears shut and she is shocked.

we have seen him with that same instrument before, angry... happy... and that wondrous one where he bled and ...

girl screams.

and a few other things that spoke to me.

the episode started with trademark asr "what the!!"  and despite the story going toward an absurd suicide attempt, i felt elated. they had worked hard on the brand architecture of asr, and oh how every little detail had become precious. no matter how easily such things can become cliches. barun had kept endless "what the"s fresh starting with the first one in the episode where he sees her under the desk, am i right about that?

his not very tycoonish bag has a hole. seems it's the rats.  

the sweet interaction with one besotted in law apart, i wondered if the chooha in question was really shyam. he had bitten hard, was ready to make a hole in the coffers of rm and one in asr's safe too.

when asr hears of the choohey, his 
eyes widen, funny music starts, i am thinking, now if this were really asr, he will fly into a fabulous rage.

instead cheeks blow out a bit,
eyes catch a little fire.
"yahan, sach mein choohey hai?" there are really rats here?
salman and aunty look at him...
"oh mujhe khushi ne bola tha lekin mujhe laga tha ki wo mazak...?" i thought khushi was joking.

some come out at night... garima ji is sweet and helpful with information. teehee.

and a little relief registers in a tiny barun/asr moment, the eyebrows leap up but just that little calibrated bit that they need to... he is going to try and stay real through the cutesie script... try and keep asr alive, not get into major over done expressions.
suddenly i think, could any actor give that angry, upset, disgusted, yet, deadly check out stare while supposedly covered in cow dung and water being sprayed all over him. what does this man think when he gives these shots? i think his eyes never lie... they show exactly what he thinks.

the men who come to collect credit card dues from shyam laugh at him... shyam may live off his wife's family money, but how dare anyone make fun of him. his beizzati he cannot take.

he is mad at saaley sahab for making everything shift to sis's name... "koi humey iss tarah zaleel nahin kar sakta", no one can insult me like this. he vows, this must not happen again. 

a good entry to his mind. a reason for kidnapping and extracting money even..

so he is the rat, all set to bite the bag that has the money.

nice bridge to bua ji and asr and rat medicine talk. "bahut hi bade chooha maarne wali dawai..." med to kill a big rat. yeah he is skulking in rm, asr... go look.

of course khushi thinks it is her. an enjoyable sequence thanks to decent acting.

interestingly, both girls are in red. the lion's wife and the rat's wife. kahe nand kissore. shyam puts grease on the rails to stop wife from moving out of her wealthy fam home.

there is a killer on the loose here and a wife in red he wants to harm, if necessary kill. he has tampered with her shoe even... a curiously conscience less man.

ok, kamlesh, i am succumbing to your superior might and making an edit. salman was better i must confess, even though he is not my hero. 

a stray thought:
why is akash growing a stubble? is this an rm requirement? since the main stubble is away, his second in command must provide one, otherwise the air in the halls that brush against a fine bristly cheek feel deprived? 

phangurrling ainvain:
"woh chai tumhari nahin hai... yeh hai," that tea isn't yours, this is, says the alert man. okay that "yeh hai" sounded so aaargh gorgeous.
"kyun?" asks khushi.
exactly... my question too, why?... so surprising and gorgeous. what are these undesigned gorgeous moments for. must be to kill me. this is a conspiracy.

nani ji after a long time, and beige walls too... 
one track mind:
apple. in asr's hand... he wants to eat it. knowledge, tree, snake, uff. garden of eden. 

temptation. maybe that is what it was all about today. 

and if this is the killer on the loose... aaj fir marne ka irada hai.

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