Monday, 2 November 2015

ladkewale ladkiwale and a world that is ours

i liked the way this dulha arriving scene was presented in 241. lifelike and really irritating the pandering to ladkewale. time honestly to change things. if a culture is truly evolved it should have the grace to acknowledge all people, both genders, and also try to get over the rich poor divide. mass media is a powerful change maker, if it wishes to be. i feel strongly about extremely unfair patriarchal ideas being given credence in soap after soap after soap. women are not things, ladkis are as important and essential as ladkas. and we were not born to only take are of family and tradition...
though asr is introduced as arrogant, nasty and does treat khushi with a crazy blindness, look beyond the obvious, the man has great respect for women, does not reduce women to simply roles, wants his wife (who he hates of course) to do something "dhang ka," wants her to be financially independent, never says to her now that you are a rich man's wife, dress like that. he is a bit clueless as to why she needs to earn, but he gets the point slowly.

he takes his mother's fam name, refuses to accept that what his father did was right, has great respect for his nani and she runs the house like a matriarch, has respect for his dadi but will not accept nonsense from her, certainly not when it concerns his patni (i want to give seetis every time he clashes with dadi and says, this is my patni and she will do what she likes or this is my patni, where she is not accepted, i don't go...). 

and di. not once does he think, she should leave home because she is married, she is first and foremost his sister, whom he loves deeply and whom he nurtures and will take care of, always. a terrible sweetness in his love of mami, the woman who had sold her jewellery so he could set up his business. a man who acknowledges the contribution of the women in his life, and treats them as people... individuals.

he is the one with the most ire at "tum jaisi" women, he is the one who says girls of a kind "phassao" men. and yet he is the one who has a view of women that feels wonderful to me. yes, i am mad. ye asr bhi na.


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