Friday, 6 November 2015

oh you mu

wedding nights are tricky in this man's life. the first time he was helpless. the second time he took a decision which was not right, his response was galat, no matter how terrible his hurt and how complex the situation. i feel for him and yet know it had a galat in it. this night, he will do something sahi after that anger... though he will misunderstand again. uff mu... what havoc you wreak and what beauty you bring forth.

in forum lingo, mu was misunderstanding. arnav singh raizada's colossal misunderstanding of something he saw and heard. that moment when he stood at the terrace door and misunderstood the story of khushi in shyam's artms... khushi screaming, chhor dijiye anjali ji ko.


the forum always had crisp, almost impatient, shorthand to communicate. mu was misunderstanding, wu was write up, skd was sapno ki duniya, cv was creatives, rm was raizada mansion, gh was gupta house, took me a while to get used to it. but i always found myself grinning about language when chatting... such happy, totally vibrant, internet speak... keyboard tongue. i think the e-world will give english of our times lots of fun and games and no, i am not mu-ing you.

the best shorthand came from the writers though, sigh... asr


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