Friday, 6 November 2015

hamesha as inherent trait

off white waistcoat.

looking at this shot, i had to grin. have always had a thing for our man's waistcoats. they're so him. and look... seems like he's got a new one.

asr has new wardrobe?  i need to go chadao pooja at dm's temple. the poor rich kid had only three or was it two suits forever. and off white wasn't one of them.

facebook, twitter, forum everything is in a happy tizzy. akshay dogra, sweet akash, tweeted this picture this morning.

speculation has been rife for a while, ever since news came that barun and sanaya and the original crew are shooting together again. after supreme excitement and much talk of it's got to be a new show or at least a new episode of ipk, we hear, they're shooting a promo for hotstar.

hotstar, star plus' live streaming site where iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? i am sure gets many hits... even more now with the arab version being on and the russian version having floored new viewers. really, even dubbed, my dear ipk is khatarnak, much like that chemistry of this jodi as described by barun.

i am really a little gobsmacked at the appeal of ipk. we have sensed its classic-ness. but i had no idea it would connect to worlds far away.

if that's asr and not someone else... i need to see whatever's being shot. now.

and akash, akash... hair blow dried? how terribly cute. he used to have such pretty blow dried styles in the initial days of ipk.

asr again. almost three years since show is done... no let up in excitement. in moment. something about asr, about ipk, about arnav khushi is yes, hamesha.


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