Tuesday, 3 November 2015

bringing romance centre stage

replying to friends on facebook on the topic of romance in iss pyaar ko.

hi.... what i also enjoyed was as i watched i knew not only me, but ipk was bringing love back to centre stage for young people everywhere. it was cool hip funny sexy and deep... made real contact with this crazy complex gorgeous emotion in a real way but looking like a complete walk on the ramp... young people, since the 1980s all they have heard i feel is money money money... harry gave them fantasy and flight perhaps... ipk gave them pyaar and a huge place to fly away to... this ipk of humara will have a positive impact on many lives i get the feeling. people laugh at mills and boon but the simple kiss on page 57 or was it 75, rasped out or husky "i love you" on page 150 something, no unnecessary sex and salaciousness gave me a sort of map of love as i read almost a book a day from age 14 to age 17. it was not deep literature but gave certain essential and "real" parameters of relationship... conflict, chaos, etc., and yes kept it light and tall dark handsome. communicated something beyond its shallowness to a very young me (i stopped reading one fine day and never picked up another one again... but it had already had its impact). i can tell you that innocent give it all view of love helped me a lot a lot as i chose and went through a pretty long relationship. so yeah... just saying. uff need the jodi back.

we were discussing episode 242, things pretty haywire between asr and khushi as preeto's wedding gets going.

would love to know your thoughts on ipk giving us a view of romance, do leave a note if you can. thanks.

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