Sunday, 22 November 2015

it's a pagal pagal pagal pagal world... ipkknd ek jashan days

today, 22 nov, this was released via twitter by hotstar.

“hum pagal ho rahein hain!” khushi had said and now we are going pagal, insane… really. we heard the whispers, and discussed them on fb, twitter, india-forums, everywhere. we heard the rumours and started to lose our grip on our senses… could it be? would it be? what the! eat jalebi! nahiiiin! haan ya na? what what what. then in true kamlesh khabri style, came the reveal. akshay’s tweet. A leaked 10 sec segment of the promo… the words hotstar originals clearly visible. somewhere in the middle of it, barun’s interviews here and there and then with ikarmik… a hint that there may be a season 2 of ipkknd.  we know there was a spike in the insanity graph of the universe that day. and suddenly after 3 empty years of only missing, weeping even, and hoping, never losing vishwas (yes, many never ever lost that), came arnav singh raizada and khushi kumari gupta singh raizada dancing down a fairytale street. the hotstar originals promo. asr dancing? in pink? obviously gone just as pagal with the khushi of meeting us again. khushi was pagal anyway. sigh. hotstar presents iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? ek jashn. the details are still not too clear. but tuesdays and saturdays are suddenly the best days of the week for some time. finally yesterday, we were struck practically senseless by the shot of our, yes our (samjhi tum!), jodi… and totally pagal we became. asr in dapper suit and trendy stubble, kkgsr in red saree. can anyone remain calm after that. is it even right to remain calm after that. hum theek nahin hain... bring on the jashn.

on a fittingly pagal note, noticed that the brown suit turned blue on the sbs segment yesterday and a dear friend noticed it looked quite purple elsewhere. the man, as we have often suspected s an evil sorcerer indeed. he makes swimming pools fly, colours change, and perfectly sane people go bananas.


i p k k n d ek jashn

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