Tuesday, 24 November 2015

jashn begins... ek jashn episode 1

frankly i was quite taken aback by my first glimpse of ipk ek jashn. nothing felt familiar. and was that asr? i guess when you love something or someone too much, the anxiety is high, the vulnerability too. i wondered how i'd handle this. spent the whole day skulking, feeling a little out of it. by night though, i sensed the familiar pull. i went and saw episode 1 again. everything was not what i'd expected it to be. but i looked into the brown eyes of a man i have trusted for many years and knew i would be here on saturday. watching him, the girl who makes his voice go soft and his eyes gleam, maybe mami ji, nani ji, lakshmi. the first time i'd seen ipk, i hadn't liked it, i'd thought, huh, bet this will be a mess. i was so wrong. maybe this time as well the man who started out too sweet will surprise me with things i never expected. their story of love bring new sparks to love itself. and if for any reason asr and khushi need to grow differently and away from my world... i will always know they are bringing endless joy to many many people out there.

okay hp, you were fine, but my vote is for the hp who took the ram charit manas (wasn't that the book?) to an incredulous asr. or maybe the one who interrupted asr while he was about to kiss his wife and got the full brunt of some precious asr besharmi. also, please don't serve him tea, the man's drink is black coffee. and no matter what sanka devi has said, make sure the tycoon never has to make his own cuppa. 

speaking of sanka devi... i get crazy when she wears red. since she was into "smaran" today i had to remember many things and sigh. does she know when she's away, asr walks around with bemused look talking to himself, indulgent lover with a lost air, leaning on door jambs with helpless look, smile coming on and lopsiding a bit too readily, his voice dropping to dreamy whisper making several women across the world swoon and go bananas. now if this is anniversary, khushi ji come back soon, otherwise shyam ji will not be needed to kidnap your man.
hp... ek black coffee!

ps: thank you, vandana, this one is thanks only to you.

pps: that frown, uff. beautiful shot of man sleeping. dreamy lover. his eyes... like marble shining, like mirror true, like the man himself clear.


i p k k n d ek jashn

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