Tuesday, 17 November 2015

barun in white and grey

a post from a conversation with a friend on the blast from the past thread on india-forums. the fan group barun's angels had just started to post new pictures of barun sobti.

okay, after reading that could not hold myself back, rhea. was talking about a barun shot released by some barun's angels today, going nuts wondering where he might have worn the white shirt, grey waistcoat seen there. i actually missed him so damn terribly, went and found four sets of scenes where he was in that combination, made random caps from 137 and 200, killers both and in different ways... no need to edit...

and after mandir came "chot." in that white shirt grey waistcoat look. one of my favourites, that profile of his, asr thinking of his chot and trying to hold on somehow... where is this actor. i want to kill someone.

how i wished that angel's edit was a new shot. white shirt waistcoat was always extraordinary. remember 137?

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