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episode 237 love, war, and golgappa

felt like a complete episode, in fact a love story in itself... it was sweet sour chilli hot with a little accent of bitter too, and yes it had plenty crunch in it. the perfect golgappa episode.

one thing about ipk i found fascinating were their fights. so so so very life like. after nearly three decades of fighting enough and more with this man who i have this kind of long relationship with, i can tell the authenticity of a spat from far far away, almost by telepathy.

this fight was beautiful. look at how smoothly it entered the moment, exactly as it does in life.

just as everybody is feeling warm and relaxed and wonderful after asr's gesture of bringing tonnes of groceries for the family. just when he has proved beyond doubt that he is not doing this to flash his cash but because he considers himself a part of the family. endearing really, this arrogant tycoon when he is touched by the love, the genuine warmth, and the complete helplessness of two beautiful elders. khushi's fam is his fam, and he realises that ac and the five star food may have hurt them though that was never his intention.

just when he is charming everyone, and please don't tell me he had no idea that would be the effect with his got a lot of stuff because i eat a lot.

just when his ma in law is indulging him and he says oh i'll eat anything as long as it is not tasteless good for health food.

just when a touch of magic enters frame.

just when this transpires before us...

"kyun," he said, "main kyun nahin kar sakta?" staking his claim, refusing to be left out... he looked at the two ladies and declared, "iss ghar ka damad hoon."

why can't i do it, i am the son in law of this house after all.

gentle husky voice, almost asking permission to be damad, not wrenching the status.

"lekin babua, itta sara..." but son, so much, bua ji is hesitant.

"haan, bua ji, main khata bhi toh bahut hoon..." yes, bua ji, i eat a lot too...

exquisite acting by barun... at thaw point of a relationship that has just started warming over pasta... a ray of sunshine about to burst through and this time, surprise, the horrible mr raizada is bringing it.

in the most innocent voice, "aur aap khilati bhi bahut hai..." and you feed a lot too...

the ladies go quietly awww.

babu ji joins in...

khushi has to smile... her laad governor is a downright charmer and his seena has its dil alright.

"kuch bhi normal, bas... achhi sehat wala khana nahin," is it a damad or one wanting to be accepted as a son here?

"please, aunty," he says.

just then khushi says the one thing she need not have, should not have. don't call amma aunty, call her amma.

in an instant everything changes. he turns away almost exploding with anger, which really is his only way to hide the mindless hurt that grips him at the mention of mother... that too asking him to call someone else by that name so sacrosanct.

asr just breaks under that pressure. maybe because he had let too many barriers down, and felt extremely vulnerable. the character of khushi, who understood all the nuanced feelings of everyone, who was so sensitive about everyone's feelings when the shyam incident happened, and never said anything to anyone, she says this to asr without even thinking about what it might do to him.

maybe that too is because of that love and its fond wishes. she wants him to be part of her life completely, that's the message i get, make her dad his dad, her mum his mum...

"ab toh amma kahiye na," now call her amma, no.

asr, garima, bua ji, everyone begins to lose their smile... but khushi does not get it.

"just shut up!"

the explosion comes. a ripping heart, a torn out spleen...

he doesn't have a mother.

"meri koi maa nahin hai... mar chuki hai meri maa!" i have no mother... my mother has died! in his harshness, in his anger he hides pain that shatters him. even now. every time.

and just like that, barun brought back the man of the night of wedding... eyes marble like, disconnected and focussed with shards of anger, voice riven... cuts into me. and everyone.

he had just become son, and back he goes to his shell, hurting madly... again he is asr.

garima seems to understand the undercurrents... she is angry about the way khushi has been going on.

a fabulously natural scene, slice of life.

he is in pain. and he only can be furious when that happens... months later he will trust her enough to cry in her arms... but he really cannot handle this...

he struggles in the bedroom, rips mosquito net and a nightmare comes in broad daylight... he remembers sheesh mahal after many days.

he was beginning to step out of its shadow maybe. she had kept him so busy with all her antics. his guard had come down and suddenly this.

she comes to apologise but this is not the time...

"khushi, bas!"

she tries to say something, his hand comes up... he is beyond thought now... and this is when he always makes mistakes, hurts others because he is hurting so much.

"tumne jo bhi kaha usse mujhe kya feel hua usska tumhe idea tak nahin hai," you have no idea what i felt when you said what you said...

and then without thinking he refers to her family's home as "ghatiya" low, trashy... really not a nice word. especially when attached to one's family's home.

and the whole tide turns just on that one word. doesn't exactly this happen in the middle of a fight in my life too?

whoever wrote this understood intimacy and the thing about a fight between two people who love each other, where emotions never stay in control and the tongue exceeds the limit... too often.

we say not to say hurtful things, yet us humans... those we love the most we want to sometimes hurt the most or hurt without thinking.

he realises instantly.

she of course is so insulted and hurt, she speaks of the way people with less money survive and how no matter what, she has never allowed their acrimony to impact her relationship with his family.

i love the whole tenor and basis of this fight. it's real and full of those delicate emotions that take hold of us in these situations. she has so much abhimaan in her, and he a reckless anger as also utter remorse knowing he has crossed a line.

he listens quietly.

"aap amir log..." she is taking off about how the rich are...

"khushi, mera woh matlab nahin..." he tries to reach out... khushi, that's not what i meant.

but khushi is now the one who has felt a blow in her heart. she goes on... you are mad at me i understand but i am mad at you too and i have reason to be but till date never have i taken it out on your fam... and i won't, not even by mistake... but you have done that so many times.


she is not going to listen.

she leaves.

he comes home with golgappa.

bua ji and amma are surprised, they have cooked so much... but he saw this shop on the way.

and then again a glimpse into the endearing mr raizada... khushi's words have reached deep and made an impression.

"i am sorry, bua ji, sorry, aunty... main abhi ke liye sorry nahin bol raha hoon... i should not have got angry... khushi was right..." he's not saying sorry for what happened just now, but for all the things he shouldn't have done. arnav singh raizada's this up front attitude when he found himself wanting was always attractive to me. he was not being "good" in a social niceties way, he is capable of assessing his action and apologising if he is convinced that he was not right.
he also takes steps to rectify... the remarriage as awful as it was can only be justified from this pov... he has erred, he will set things right and with all of himself.

"woh, main kissi ko maa nahin kah sakta..." beautiful delivery.

"aap kis naam se humey pukaro iss se hamara rishta toh nahin badalta..." the name you call one by doesn't alter the nature of a relationship, in amma's wise words another important ipk thought... go beyond name, beyond form and find the meaning of a thing.

sanka devi returns, all down and out and does all she can to resist the g-gappas... she is angry with him, so she is not going to eat the stuff. again, so terribly khushi and utterly lover like. she is mad at him, but her walk with her dear babu ji has calmed her a bit... she too cannot do without loving this man, no matter how far either moves away from that basic position of dhakdhak, they both always resolve back to it... again very much like true lovers.

she finally succumbs...

his delight is in just watching her... tender sweet love. fragile so fragile... gets said through these things, how much he wants to see her smile though it is he who has filled her with tears.

golgappe... golgappe... run, pick up pack, tear with teeth and spit out the torn off bit... man looks at tornado astonished, a yikes at the spit out...

she was thinking of eating chatpata food... aww poor baby she too was feeling wretched. he needed to make her feel better and knew what to bring and he needed to apologise... see her happy again.

"thoda khatta thoda meetha thoda teekha..." a little sour a little sweet a little hot.

madam has opened her mouth wide, about to pop in the first one.

thank the one who has brought all this... aranv babua.

huh. the g-gap drops.

"laad gov ke laaye gaye golgappe... kabhi nahin khaoongi..." never will she eat golgappa brought by laad governor... promptly after that though, fab reasoning why she will eat one just one though.

he sips tea and waits for her... he is asr, he knows this will work i think...

hey hey heyheyhey... he watches her while pretending to be engrossed in his tea... tea? asr? do they give you your daily coffee here or not?

as he gazes engrossed at her while she has this deep intimate affair with a crunchy canape of sooji and its spicy potato and chana filling, and sweet sour paani, i am reminded of the first time he saw her in a red saree, her hair flew and he stopped and stared and rabba vey rose in the air. here along with that besotted look, a little laughter too, his jhalli babe is back in action, that is all he wants, some day he will realise that is all he needs.

the creatives crafted this simple scene with so much care and sensuality.

their love scenes as they are called were phenomenal, but their fights had pure true love in them, and even extreme sexual desire and tension...

one made us waft away into a world far away and embrace a feeling of romance, the other kept us right here on this earth and told us how divinely tumultuous it was to be in love. one was fantasy, the other reality, both were only and purely love.


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