Saturday, 28 November 2015

the balloon man

addictive, isn't it... watching barun chuck a balloon in that oh that's so barun way? would asr be decorating the house with pink balloons for his absolute heart throb, dil khi dhadkan, the girl with whom you could fall in love like that, yoon pyaar ho jaye? think not. actually, know not. but still it's a scene i have to watch. and watch. 
there's that "yoon" in it.
also wondering, did the makers have a little lopsided smile on while planning this? bet they knew barun was often called "baloon" on the forum. 
okay, the man's got copyright on all and every kind of slanted, lopsided, gradiented, bent, crooked smile. so, we must sue you on grounds of copyright infringement. off with it. 

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