Wednesday, 4 November 2015

the evil sorcerer and his magic castle

oh the moving, swishing, swiveling, shrinking, growing spaces of rm. but then this is the magical mystical castle of the evil sorcerer, here anything can happen. when he says, "get out!" we pass out and the rooms flip places, when he yells, "shut up!" we pass out and the swimming pool flies to di's room, when he grates out, "kya kar rahi ho tum?" we do that, yes, fainting thing and the entrance moves left or right, when he raises an eyebrow, we stop breathing and dm's mandir disappears only to reappear when needed, when he hollers, "hari prakaaash!" i fall on the floor slobbering, doors and/or french windows appear at the poolside, when he clenches his jaw and lowers his head fixing someone with a hard stare, we gulp and choke, the bathroom runs to take position behind a door which till now was an entrance from a mysterious passageway, when he gives a lopsided smile, we pass out with that predictability of ours while a guest room comes into being out of thin air. 
from that guest room on the ground floor through walls, and not boring windows, one can see the evil one watering his plants, and he can also look out of exactly where no one knows and while watering plants see his quarry wearing saree in a room far away on another floor... something about magic and them plants i think. 
of course, when he says, "come," we all collapse in a heap while guests vanish from the hall so that he can stand brooding at the large windows after an almost kiss. 
ah the many wonders of rm... 
but i am shallow, shallower than the 3 by 5 puddle abutting a certain fellow's room, where the fake tree and the fake creeper grow.  the evil sorcerer was so good looking i said to h with coordinates and mundane plausibility... take me to your master, flying pool.
i could never figure out the layout or the architecture of the place but the makers could give p c sirkar and houdini and david blaine a complex i had no doubt.



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