Wednesday, 4 November 2015

superhit hero

from a chat with a friend on facebook.

asr... so much there. i was thinking, every fortnight they finished practically a full length film in terms of time, about 210 minutes... so i am talking good old days' long movie. i don't want to reduce the argument to numbers, but really, after this amount of work, and as you say, as long as he was around it was special, and it was... always but always brought something to the moment, i feel it's pretty unfair to actors that they get lumped as one-serial or two-serial heroes. in three years, there wasn't practically one evening when barun sobti was not on tv entertaining his viewers, and entertainment of a pretty high order. shravan was lovely, asr was heart grazing... and yet he has to wait for a hindi film success to "make it." something terribly off in this whole scenario. george clooney did er for many years and was considered fairly "made it" i think before he went to the movies... i may be wrong, but i think his er days are never forgotten by his fans. rambling, but really, i feel an unfairness to brilliant tv actors here. here no matter how successful you are, the system treats you like a wannabe film star and doesn't pay you in proportion to your "star" appeal or ability to pull audiences. also there are no work hours, no basic thinking through of your needs as a person, and yes, script can be shot to hell at will as we all found... but, eternally you are "just a tv actor." if i look at it that way, there were almost 40 films i saw of barun and sanaya in those one and a half years. and 25 of them were superhits (20 in a row), 10 hits, 5 flops. the jodi was breathtaking. the heroine was beautiful and a great actress. the hero was handsome and a phenomenal actor. i so wish someone will see the potential of these two actors and make another memorable show.

oh, hero!


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