Thursday, 19 November 2015

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? ek jashan.

video credit: teletube buzz


the song went:

aap poochhenge ke itne dino se kahaan the hum
hum toh laad governor ke pyaar mein padey the
hum toh khushi khushi pagal baney the
jo thi kahaani adhoori wo
aagey lekar

then barun said: "dekhiye iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? ek jashan."

i had to stop breathing.

you'll ask us where were we all these days 
we had fallen for laad governor 
we were happily going mad 
the story that was incomplete
 we are taking forward


starts 24 november.
hey dm.

for three years we have hoped for begged for raged for a return. along the way, i must have lost faith. though i never stopped dreaming. scenarios play out in the mind even now at regular intervals... a day surely comes in the going by of days when suddenly the thoughts pause. where is he, where are they, how could it be over, something says.
i  have no idea what's coming our way. there's some new episode or episodes on hotstar... first we heard it was to be released on 30 november, and a nice 10 second leak had us hysterical. now the promo on sbs says otherwise... getting ready for the onslaught. perhaps dm does listen and there is hamesha. 
perhaps hamari dhakane go and become ek.
ek jashan.


i p k k n d ek jashn

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