Friday, 6 November 2015

mystery and mohabbat

there are many mysteries in this universe we'll never quite fathom... for example, where did mama ji disappear to? and even how? was he in fact houdini? did he vapourize or just move to another planet or...? or, for that matter, why exactly did a tycoon, brusque, rude, and capable of throwing his dhadkane girl out onto cold flagstone floor move to her family's modest dwelling at her bidding? was it because of the way she looked at him? or the effect of touching her lips with his index finger? and why exactly do our knees turn to water, our stomach's churn when two people in a not too well written episode, merely look at each other, or worse, when he says something, often monosyllabic, in a low low guttural voice. sometimes the word has three syllables... anyone looking forward to "understood?" but it's these mysteries precisely which make life worth living and us coming back here for more. asr goes to sasural, the famous spot in lakshminagar known as gh, a most interesting string of inexplicable events unfold leading to a closing of distances and the assertion of a cataclysmic need. things get real hot, maybe we should all order new air conditioners. and take many baths at the public tubewell.

the moment she woke up and saw him next to her, she reached for her dupatta... ah, this little flutter of fabric in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? what was it really.


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