Monday, 16 November 2015

november again

can't make head or tail of what's going on.

there's news of some new episode or episodes on hotstar. fan groups have been primed and gotten ready for euphoria.

in a rather obvious move, the new episode for hotstar will likely be aired on 30 november.

30 november.

how it takes me back.

and, no, despite all the many times i have watched and binge-watched (now accepted in oxford dictionaries since 2014) ipk over these years... and felt it, discussed it, written miles about it, made edits, vms (banned thanks to star plus on so many platforms), gifs, blogs, written fanfic... no matter what... the sheer bludgeoning all emptying gnawing pain of 30 november remains.

i am not a serial watcher. i don't even watch many movies.

obviously ipk gave me something more than just the thrill of a show. it filled, it stoked, it awakened, it calmed, it made me feel unhurt, it made me feel untouched by all the not so nice things of life. at my age, you get to see some of those... all of us do. that return to pristine within... only ipk brought about.

i was not there on 6 june, but on 30 november i was.

and i can still feel the ache and tear of the day.

there is a clean simple purity even in that.

i just hope whatever a purely commercial channel is about to do on 30 nov, it will not mar it.

here's hoping for the best.

and praying for a real reblast of asr kkg ipk i hate you hamesha vishwas hello hi bye bye hai re nand kissore i love you dammit.

barun's chat with ikarmik threw me completely:

am thinking of 305 and what i'd like to write... look at these two, they can even make a tacky pink room look beautiful. just how much in that hold that bodyline.

(from our reblast thread in india-forums)


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