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episode 238 a hunger sublime

"ek kha loonga."

his eyes were on her, in them the spark of a need, an elemental need. an insurmountable need. for her. for her as she is... giggling, chirping, sloshing golgappa water, rushing about in her joy feeding people, full of life, energy, vibrant... sunshine girl with a twist of sanka.

how badly he needed her.

he couldn't keep on resisting her.

even if she were a home wrecker.

he so needed to taste her, all of her, crunchy, sweet, sour, hot, spicy... he wants to be driven crazy by her.

now. right now.

ek kha loonga.

i'll eat one.

what a no frills, straight from the gut submission. to his need. call it love call it lust call it attraction, call it what you will, a part of the shatir man knows, he needs her... to live.

this one line did it for me in this episode. it was the episode really for me.

there were tense moments as bua ji urged khushi to "khabao" one golgappa to damad ji. with alacrity both khushi and asr reacted. both entered their inner recesses almost leaving the table and all that was around.

thoughts went racing through the man... a yearning he has kept away for weeks, more than a month. from all those days ago, when full of hope and a new sensation he had flirted, "baat karni hai," he had said. 

he had slowly savoured the moments since he had felt that heartbeat race and said "khushi!" at last understanding things... his golgappa moments almost, a little sweet, a little sour, a little hot... walking up to her, confusing her, reveling in that confusion, being told everything was his fault, being a waiter with her, choosing a saree for her from a distance playing a game of telephone, giving her a handkerchief and telling her to meet him so he could talk to her, arousing with a bindi, walking slowly up to her feeling his heart race knowing hers does too...

what was all that if not some of the crunchiest, most delicious moments of this lonely aloof man's life.

and then suddenly it was all over.

but baat karni hai he had said... that baat that stayed in his heart, despite the treachery in the dark.

he looked at bua ji, at khushi... and even as she said... "rrrahna di jiye na, bua ji..." let it be, bua ji, out came a line of untrammeled desire and need and pretty much struck me dead.

"ek kha loonga..."

he doesn't eat golgappa, too hot, and he really can't open his mouth so wide, he said in the most natural way to his ma in law who wanted to make him a one... such a small thing... but it seemed to unnerve the tycoon. he even admitted carrying digestive pills his mami had given him, amusing all present. he resisted with all his might while his wife opened her mouth very very wide and had one, two, three, oh who can keep count quantities of the stuff.

and then bua ji said the magic words, feed him one, girl.

from her hand, he would like to eat, to feel her touch in his mouth, his lips, his tongue... fed like a child, like a lover... she is stunned. hey hey.

both know somewhere what this is really about...bua ji looks at asr keenly, she can sense something. and though hesitant, confused, in a dhakdhak herself, khushi gets up.

he follows her with his eyes. tell me this man is just acting, he is not in love with this woman, he is not a wealthy businessman who is willing to adjust to anything because he adores his wife. tell me his heart is not thudding, his limbs are not aching for her. and when he looks at her, isn't there a question and desperate need in his eyes? he wants to be caressed by her, held by her... fed by her.

on her hands his mother's bangles, she holds that little golgappa, the story of their lives... a tenderness on her face as she feeds him, and he does open his mouth pretty wide... the ladies nudge and giggle, they can feel the romance. and maybe they are a little relieved too that the kids have stopped fighting.

and she leans forward, in the most intimate of gestures, she wipes his mouth with the edge of her palm... like  a trusting little boy he looks up at her... so lost they are in a feeling... he swallows and he does choke on the teekha...but he holds on.
"kaisan laga, babua!" how did you like it, asks the aunt. his eyes smarting, voice messed he replied, "achha hai..."

oh, he did enjoy himself so so much... and she could feel it, it even touched her, shook her deep inside, completely lost in each other for a wonderful moment where there is no one but them... hey hey heyheyhey.

other thoughts:
~ oh the smile as he watches her go bananas with her golgappa spree.

~ okay he did not stop at one. and when he fell upon the digestive pills, he did screw up his face and looked really really ugh... i had to agree with khushi. his shakal was sadi hui. rotten. got to fall for the actor again, so cute, he actually did all he could to look ugly... not concerned about his "image" and fans, etc. in little scenes like this i kept on seeing barun the serious actor.

~ very natural and clever the way they started fighting again... a lovely man woman thing... you did it all for me, because you are regretting what you've done, you are accepting you are wrong. what! what nonsense... i have said sorry to bua ji and aunty, but you... huh. stop thinking you know how to read me... and stop dreaming. oh is that right, mister, wait, i'll show you. and so opens the door to let preeto's wedding into gh.

~ after days i saw him taking care of plants. would have been nice to have a bit of continuity, that little plant she brought along somewhere in the shot.

~ sanaya is too cute as khushi at times, all the expressions and childlike enthusiasm when preeto's mother comes and talk of wedding starts... and she and bua ji, what great chemistry.

~ "abhi abhi aapne apne do do beti ki shadi jo ki hai" you have just got two of your daughters married, both he and she are slightly churned by this. nice touch by director. must say, so many many things were thought through and detailed while portraying an emotion, maybe that's why the flaws in continuity and other things felt more glaring.

~ "mujhe bahut kaam hai... main andar jaa raha hoon... bua ji, i'm fine..." so cute, he can't take the madness.

~ "good morrning, bua ji," uff the morning voice, the crisp male smile at bua ji. okay next barun show, me auditioning for aunt. khushi is so natural and weird all wrapped up. a little leg pulling. "bua ji, ek aur kambal de dete toh mooh bhi dhak leti," if you'd given another blanket she could have covered her face, he jests.

he jests?

i am surprised. this is cold hard, i don't like noise, i have no time for silly things asr. oh such a lovely little break... the man is thawing somewhere amid all the madness. bua ji, in her unique loud way, avers, you can't tell looking at him he can crack a joke. did anyone notice how terribly spot on barun's reaction was at that moment?

~ why is this man so male, despite being so thin and slight, kills me.

~ i like how everything fits in nicely, his laptop, her dm, on the same desk, both their essential objects.
~ he turns to look at his swaddled wife. walks up... predatory... ready to flirt and floor the opposition. khushi the red nosed wife gives rudolph some hot competition. asr is delighted to unnerve her.

~ but soon enough of course he will be completely flabbergasted and chasing his wife asking what the. while she dances brandishing a ladle and he tries desperately to figure out who is preeto, what wedding and why bua ji had said he is an understanding man.

khushi, khushi!! yeh sab kya ho raha hai?


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