Friday, 18 March 2016

don't. even. dare. (vm: the proposal)

"aur haan... jeeja ji... tumne mujhse ek aur baat kahi thi...

ke tum khushi se kabhi alag nahin hoge...

well, ab woh meri pattni hai...  usske aas paas bhatakne ki... koshish bhi mat karna...

don't. even. dare."

this i believe, arnav singh raizada said not to protect di, but for himself... and the woman he loved to distraction and beyond. he had said all he had to to shyam, he was about to leave, then he turned back and moved toward the betrayer, his body language said it all. if he could, he would kill shyam for even daring to think that he could be with khushi in this life or any other. in clipped deliberate words he informed this sick man, she is now my wife, ah the stress on "tt"... pattni, don't you dare come anywhere near her.

from the moment the man who didn't believe in such things put the sindoor and mangalsutra on the woman whom he loved, he said she was his patni continuously while telling himself and her it was only for six months. six months, one minute, whatever, he was her pati, the protector, the one who takes responsibility of her, the one who will not let anything mar her respect. he was allowed to hurt her because she had hurt him so... but no one else. he probably even wished he could hate her. but could he? and the woman he threw out on to the poolside, could she ever not love him? or hate him?
my take on episode 192.


watch the vm "the proposal" here.



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