Wednesday, 16 March 2016

episode 324 a man and his shades

just found out how helpless i am before ipk. or should i say a particular actor... character... good looking guy... heckishly handsome man, in ipk.

had sworn i wasn't going to get all shaky finger desperate to make a cap of this dismal episode, but... then he goes and cranes his neck to speak on the phone, while scanning through smartly and signing papers.

no point in trying to resist i decide.

extremely can't think gawk moments aside, and there are a few more coming up, i really didn't find anything to like in this episode other than perhaps a couple of moments in the rather forced tete a tete between the lovers at night.

khushi's smile has changed.

asr is now written with a high cuteness aspect to it. asr is not cute. he is intense. passionate. funny. witty. aggressive. no nonsense...and so on. he is cute with all of that... so he is complex. like the sugar he avoids.

so once in a way, when i see that, it stops me.

like when he said he was signing accounts to khushi's overly sweet, what are you doing.

the first five minutes had me gaping... in a 22 minute episode, you have five whole minutes to show the ridiculous di and dawai thing. why should a man in the middle of his roka suddenly look at his di and start fretting for no reason. yes, asr loves di a lot and worries about her... and she is pregnant, also not in a great mood, but this sudden overly anxious brother act. doesn't make any sense. then the constant medicines for a pregnant woman, and to show his love, the way it's written its veering on obsession now, for his wife, he instructs her to sit with his sis while he gets the medicine. this while his entire family is milling around, the primary caretaker, nani, very much there. and what happened to the guests? the roka stopped or what...

and if shyam swapped her medicines and induced miscarriage, then why the gruesome broken glass drama soon to come? it is obvious from his you'll have to call a doc later, that he has given her stuff that will lead to a miscarriage anyway. so story was changing fast and furious and writers were trying to give it shape and coherence.

did not work.

the nurse part was sugary... other than that dialogue from bua ji... even god, nand kissore, doesn't come if not called, so from where did this nurse come.

would asr just fix a nurse in a matter of fact way without consulting anyone? yes, he would. would he then call khushi or bua ji and let them know... yes. he wouldn't wait for phone call from ma in law and then again sound... i am fainting not with joy... cute. then tell garima, do this for your daughter. aren't we taking the whole khushi obsession a little too far now?

it's one of those episodes where i wondered what am i doing watching this nonsense. that akash and khushi canoodle by the wires and ladder... what was that. and why?

just as the medicines made no sense, neither did the camera installed by constantly smiling and rocking villain. and what was the need to show him on a rocking chair all the while suddenly? made him seem more lethal, did it? also weird shots of his hairy arms... in silhouette. what's going on? where are the directors and the cinematographer?

and yeah i noticed the so called cleverness of asr wanting to go to mandir while the mandir addicted di refusing a pop... might have been interesting if the episode were that. also why again the reference to khushi making him go there, from nani... he used to go with di earlier too... protesting or otherwise.

we are going to that oh khushi is such a wonder woman, she has changed a horrid man way. sorry, i like bad boys not because i can make them into my poodles... it's because they are just more fun, and sharp... yeah a bit of tempering on both sides, but here it is so so so one sided. like asr had no impact on khushi. sorry... he made her feel like a woman... believe she is important... has a major right on him...and treated her as an independent strong woman not a silly idiot. would have been nice if someone somewhere indicated that.

i realise the audience consists of mainly women... but this feels like ridiculous pandering which only very weak people need... i don't need this, thanks.

and to me asr was, right from that moment he landed and looked with dark deeply lit eyes at an old mansion, much more than a bad boy. he remains aspirational.

ah the shades of this man... and i don't just mean those deadly ones below, nor the ones that spring to mind these days the moment shades is mentioned. this man is just phenomenally more.

anyway, i'll suttupiya now and go back to gawking.

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