Friday, 11 March 2016

episode 315 dance with me, live with me

a dream had woken him again, a nightmare really. she wanted to calm him, let him know she was there no matter what. perhaps all that had happened since his grandmother had come and derided her, had built her confidence, for he had simply walked right up to that derision, that insult, that casting her out and said... don't you dare. and if you do, remember, i will be where she is...

perhaps because she had felt his overpowering abiding love as he had held her hand and taken her away with forceful stride. he was about to leave but then he had turned and given her a long look then before his grandmother's eyes, reached out, held her hand and taken her along with him... together. pati and patni. had she thought of that first time he had held her hand like that and walked out in front of all? the night of their becoming husband and wife? he had hated her then but yet, he had had to reach out and catch her hand and take the steps with her to their new reality.

and now he stood outside looking up, torment writ large on his face, and she so lost, for she knew him so little... it was a tense moment, there may have been many ways of dealing with it. but khushi knew only one... the one touched with the magic of innocent sanka. flaky, some might say silly, but some might see the power of the untainted in its heart. arnav singh raizada dealt with brutal betrayal and pain by wrestling with the animal, trying hard to keep it at bay, confronting it roundly and slamming into it, grappling with the whiplash head on. khushi on the other hand, tried to reach through pain and find some light... her taarey, her conversations with devi maiyya, her vishwas. 

she could do that perhaps because that is how she was made and also no doubt because of the nature of the hurt she had suffered. both had lost their parents at one go, both were children at the time. but one's parents had gone in an accident, the other's in the denouement of betrayal, broken trust; in extreme violence committed on one's own self.
but this young girl who had just started to completely trust the relationship that had come into her life, was not to know that. all she knew was, her arnav ji was hurting and she had to make him feel better.

she did it her way.
with song, a nice hindi film song which said in a nice hindi film way, come, my lover, let me love you... let me take all your pain away.
she said it with a dance, a slow, not dance like dance. her arms flowing out, catching him and twirling him and stopping him and pushing him and holding him... her hands always reaching him, saying things she couldn't say in words.

might have been terribly corny this sequence, but the director was sensitive, the writer used a simple song to create another space, a hut was not available tonight, but the poolside was here where there was always magic by the shimmering water. though really it was sanaya irani's deep understanding of the moment and her graceful pirouette through it that made it all so moving and beautiful. and barun sobti moved in tandem, his expressions, his emotion never losing touch with the grim despair within and that love that had changed him forever.
a young girl and a young man, both vulnerable and yet so strong, in the midst of the vicissitudes and turbulence of life. the perfect time to break into a lilting song and some filmi loving. 

aaja piya tohe pyaar doon
come, my love, i'll give my love to you

gori baiyya tope vaar doon
i'll put my fair arms over you

kissliye too itna udaas
why are you so forlorn?

sookhen sookhen honthh, aakhiyon mein pyaas
your lips are dry and thirst is in your eyes

kissliye, kissliye
why? oh why?

jal chooke hain badan kayin, piya, isi raat mein
much has burned, my love, in this night

thake huwe in haathon ko, de de mere haath mein
these tired hands of yours, give them to mine hands

sukh mera le le, main dukh tere le lu
take my happiness and i'll take your sorrow

main bhi jioo, tu bhi jiye
(that way) i too will live and so will you

aaja piya...
come, my love

the song is sung by lata mangeshkar, lyrics by majrooh sultanpuri, music by r d burman... for the 1967 film, baharon ke sapne with rajesh khanna and asha bhonsle in the lead. a take on the song and hindi film songs.


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