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episode 329 husbands and brothers

next time you are searching for a boy to marry your girl, and maybe you advertise in the papers or in, if you prefer... bharat matrimony, you might like to be particularly choosy for your girl. forget doctor lawyer engineer... insist on a multitasking, multi talented man. who knows, in this age of restructuring and job cuts, he may lose his rozi roti... and then? what will he feed your poor ladki, who of course will be a helpless creature with only one focus in her life, her pati dev, maybe his mamma too as is soundly advised by our serials... in case she wants to get a job, the impossible hurdles set by ma in law will have to be scaled... what if, in the meantime, the restructuring happened to the swami.

so i give full marks and more to ipk for presenting the ideal damad ji. he is a lawyer cum electrician cum drummer.



and you thought tv soaps were irresponsible. cared only for trp. hah. never. our dhaiyya ho is a prototype of the ideal husband and son in law. only one drawback... extremely elaborate designs of plans... no chance of being employed by mr jobs, alas.

look at the whole way he approached project khushi. be ghar jamai in one place, paying guest in another. lie to anyone and everyone, concoct all sorts of tales at the drop of a dupatta or aap bhi na... too much work, i say. well thankfully he didn't say he was lawyer to one party and electrician to the other. would have complicated his life further.

straight after the good son in law, we plunge into the issue of actual and not actual mother. a touching scene between bua ji and amma, but was it a tad too sweet? maybe i am diabetic really. or have become one since the advent of dadi and new improved ipk.

when garima said she wanted to meet dadi and ask forgiveness for her "kiye", her actions, some sixth sense said to me, the story was changed. 

then of course all my senses went into red alert as man was spotted sitting on sofa with laptop, frowning. h, i even forgot how garish the green all around was. the man catches the air around him and makes it still, i swear, when he is in deep concentration.

"wahan pe ek aadmi tha na?" wasn't there a guy there, he asked suddenly alerted by an empty space that was not so a moment before, thank g he is alert and not that comfortable about things, a sense of danger lurks.

and a sense of other things. he heard the wind... it told him what it had said many times before... it is she... she is here..

a little smile...

hey hey hey hey hey. i am beginning to get lost, shucks what's this letting go of all matters grey at the very thought of romance. this gust of wind has trained me too by now.

by the way, who is the creator of gust of wind in ipk? or is it a staple of all serials as flying hair is, to notify us duhs of pyaar approaching? yet, even if it is a staple, this is a special type, like basmati or golapshoru gobindobhog rice. that sussurant sound, hushed and yearning, not like any other. hey hey.

i found, "bas pata chal jata hai..." too pat, so shan't tarry there.

liked the teasing by a man in casuals while his girl is all decked up. as everyone has heard before, i did not like the lehenga, it had no ethos or idea to it, just a so called "designer" thing, designed mainly to show navel.

and khushi's make up was to brittle and strident. maybe they changed the make up girl. maybe he was a guy and multi talented like shyam and went off to fly aeroplanes or perhaps helicopters, who knows.

the truly talented mami, mano darling, outdid herself. pointlessly being nasty and sashaying light brainedly.

"caman, fallowj me..." this is my quote for the day.

garima's hands remind me of khushi's... all her nervousness, fear and fret are conveyed through them. piyumori mehta is not a bad actress. wish story had supported her instead of making her walk around for episodes looking stricken and peering over her shoulder in quaking fear.

ah we have come to the part i really liked in this episode. three good looking men all by themselves, being young, being normal and talking nonsense. there was an ease, a lack of "set up" and trying to be meaningful that spoke to me. and while i didn't quite understand the bridegroom's ensemble, looked like jodhpurs and a galaband in brocade or some such... he did look totally handsome in it. and in the scene with dadi next episode, somehow that funny suit added a dimension of grandeur, scale and depth... i am obviously a bit mami like, ott is my birthright, samjheo!

"tamacha karengey!" nk meant, tamasha, fun, i suppose and not slap. but of course everything he says can be connected to things that will happen or are happening at the moment. "hum yahan baithke ek achhi si horror movie dekhenge," we'll sit here and watch a nice horror film, gosh i should have been prepared. everything about the despicable miscarriage had a horror film feel to it...

but here we went straight after horror movie mention to dadi, at this point, the real horror. the garima meeting dadi drama was extended again... payal was looking pretty and being rather sweet.

khushi and asr had a little moment of their own on the phone, talk of a small red nose, "chhoti si lal nak," "toh tum mera phone aise hi rakh dogi? bina pehle aap pehle aap kiye?" you'll just hang up on me without the you first no you first thing?

lovely flirting.

khushi decides to give him a little nok-jhok and hands the phone to bua ji.

"halooo..." goes the lovely lady.

"what the f..." says the very bad very bad damad ji. really did you just w*f your aunt in law, you rude boy? haww.

"hai re nand kissore..." yelled the lady and at that very moment her very own nand kissore, babua nk got the phone.

"dude, phone.." damad ji had called out to the young man. "i don't know, some girl" was asking for him. our man from sydney was instantly alert and ready for action here in delhi...

honestly, i thought he was brilliant and that bua ji nk thing, there's something haw and hot in it... maybe deep down nk has a martinet fixation, hyuk, how explicit is his personal horror film, bua ji in bridal wear, that too a white wedding gown... i love it, the whole mad alice in wonderland fantasy feel but why am i getting the feeling this is ripped off from some film? why why why?

nevermind, i am gagging at the whole craziness... and how good does barun looking, looking down at whatever and trying to suppress a guffaw. the vartalaap was too good, both verbal and nonverbal.

"meri hindi bhi machhi hai..." my hindi is also fish. oh fish.

suddenly cut to "chanchal damad ji" talk... people are talking, loudly and rudely, as all the guests at rm do about the missing son in law. khushi looks hassled... she carries something in her about him, still a sense of disquiet, of guilt. daljeet had a tragic air about her, she is another one who can really get into a feeling and almost wrap the air with it, pity there was no real story to back this.

asr was looking happy, light coming down the stairs when talk of damad ji ko bulana... calling damad ji ... was overheard. his grandmother was going on in her monotone about getting the multitasking shyam over. call him now. huh? who has his phone number? nani?

"dadi, woh aadmi iss ghar mein wapas nahin aayega..." dadi, that man is not coming to this house, said a young man in a regal suit, anger rushing and settling on every line of his face, making his eyes glint.

i had wondered first watch, what was coming up next. there was something thrilling about that gaze and tone of voice.


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