Wednesday, 16 March 2016

episode 328 tum kya kar rahi ho, khoosie bitiya

started with a man looking darkly handsome, how can it be a bad episode i thought.

okay, i could see anjali and dadi were totally focused on their herculean task of making ipk seem like a regular creepy, loud, badly devised intrigue infested hindi soap.

but i have a lot of faith in that man with a brisk tone of voice who just never ever feels like soap material. 

at the restaurant when he gave her that slow appraisal, i was totally reminded of episode 22, the first time he saw her in a saree... a raging red chiffon at that. that first rabba vey... and a capitulation without realising. tonight she is in black though... is it his colour she's wearing now?

without saying a word, just letting his gaze linger on her face he said he was a man who was looking at his woman and was so pleased by what he saw, there was a sense of possessiveness and love and even a hint of surprise there.

a long pretty grown up moment that could have been really silly if the expressions were not right.

the shot of khushi's slippers instantly took me to diwali, episode 109.

i wondered why i kept going back in time. was this intentional? were we meant to think of happier days at ipk, when there was fun, game, intelligence and a story to tell, because maybe right now there was a dearth of all of these?

okay, i just didn't like this whole date thing. it felt forced, gooey, predictable and boring. right through the evening what lovers ought to say was said and rather forced humour which went all the way to champagne cork flying and knocking off a man's specs and landing them in the soup was thrown at us.

i missed their real hot date in a restaurant back in 132.
the crisp happy comedy...

"aap... sahi the..."... "main kabhi galat nahin hota..."
you were right...   i am never wrong.

"khushi, agar tumhari chai aur... biskoot ki important conversation khatam ho gaoi ho toh akash aur payal ke baare mein baat kar sakte hain?"
khushi, if you're dome with you conversation about tea and... biskoot, sheall we talk about akash and payal

"madam, you have reejarvashun?"came a jarring voice jolting me out of my missing ipk. is that how they speak at top class restaurants?

khushi had mixed up the dates... why this insistence on making khushi into a caricature almost? strangely even while she is being given huge bits of achhi bahuness. so on the one side you think that will make ipk more "acceptable" to the so called kitchen audience... and on the other you are worried as to how you'll keep khushi khushi then. what about her essential sanka, her whole character.


make her achhi bahu one minute.

total cartoon the next.

the creators of sanka have obviously forgotten its very essence. you cannot force the stuff. it's like style. either you have it or you don't.

quickly, via chummy conversation with the waiter, khushi's common touch was established. an inalienable trait of achhi ladkis and bahus.

what was that click of fingers suddenly, why?

right through there's asr smiling indulgently. how sweet. but really let me help you, sir... maybe you lost your gussa somewhere while dadi and di were letting us know how terribly gullible you are... but i am a good fan.. i will find it for you. here watch this vm... your gussa, it is here... here...

uh huh sp blocked the vm, what the.

never mind, i am putting on my indulgent smile too.

gosh he does look nice in a badly cut suit, i think as i suffer all the cute stuff. and who did up this restaurant? was mami the colour consultant?

khushi is pulling out his chair. why? yeah one can only raise eyebrow and mutter "okaay" (by the way i completely copy that, not in the american way do i mean it, in the serious indian way.)

someone is designing khushi's sleeves with vengeance and very bad taste. poor girl.

baby bump and baba bump arrive. and miraculously never get seen by the other couple.

asr keeps asking "kya kar rahi ho tum?", what are you doing... in this slightly worried protective way. why doesn't it feel asr at all?

oh she's being asr. what? yeah, apparently he has been khushi kumari gupta by doing all the things she does, so she is repaying in kind.

so this is return gift.

has this writer ever been in love?

and do good girls not have tastebuds? she thought kala khatta was wine? and got drunk?

in all this perplexing directionless not funny writing, i never could figure out where this whole date thing was headed. why was it suddenly brought in? was this to make the not hatke remarriage feel like hatke ipk?

ah everything is laboured and plodding and somehow wrong.

only thing i liked, though not madly because the writing could have been sharper as it used to be, was when he said to her, i'll never ask you to do anything you don't want to...

i liked that crisp delivery, it went so well with the adoring eyes. then a hand on hers and a sentence that says what has to be said.

"i love you the way you are, khushi... tumhe badlane ki koi zaroorat nahin hai." that's asr... man enough to not need anyone to change for him. man enough to love without judging.

very bad bunty bubbly joke was cracked and she opened the champagne.. okay. that's all for today.

wasn't the man at the restaurant the guy who sold sheesh mahal to asr in that very first episode?

after all the drama, asr blithely paid the bill and refused to let khushi pay. actually that did feel like asr. not politically correct maybe, but him nonetheless.

and look who's here... shyamwa has arrived as electrician. moustache on his upper lip, mayhem in his mind.

it was a filler like episode, utterly empty.


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