Sunday, 13 March 2016

episode 323 part two thank you my love

when a man smiles ever ever ever so slightly listening to his beloved, feeling her love in her slightly loopy voice, her words... it's lovely... especially when i know they have shot separately.

"unka yeh sab cheezon mein vishwas nahin hai toh zabardasti karna theek nahin hoga na..."

he doesn't believe in all these things, wouldn't be right to insist... khushi says. perhaps the only time, she as someone who loves him, showed she understood a way of thinking diffreent from hers and respected it... gave him space to be who he was.

a huge shift in khushi, a mature way of looking at something and so very endearing... love is not about making people your mirror image... it's got a lot to do with just enjoying, being one with, people for who they are even when you don't agree with certain things. love allows you a different access... and when you become aware of something vis a vis a specific person, the one you have feelings for... over time there's a chance of this new awareness seeping through and becoming part of mindset. some day khushi might have begun to understand many people believe in their own way, even when there are no visible customs and rituals being followed, just like her khadoos laad governor arnav ji...

i wish we had seen her saying such things, standing up for him more.

bua ji sticks her fingers under khushi's chin and asks, "bahut issak karti hau na?" love him a lot, don't you? somehow that colloquial veinadded to that query, made it earthy, real.

i thought of the a man who's needed that "issak"... for so so long.

"uhm... mera phone..." he walked in... and then that beautiful thank you i wrote about the first time i saw this episode.

have a feeling this was when he decided khushi would have every ritual she wanted as perfectly as possible. i also have a feeling, all that making sure everything went according to the book, started getting to him at a point... so not like him this whole thing... but asr in my eyes will remain a man to look up to, because he tried... so hard... because he considered another... and loved so much. usually, it's women who try like mad where i come from... here this hot, all male guy. beauty.

asr lies there dreaming... thinking of khushi. when he turns and looks at the empty space by him there is no doubt he wants her there. and tonight if she were, things wouldn't stop at hand holding.

he has thought of her while lying in bed right from the beginning, when he had no idea why... she was just there in his mind... i have always enjoyed the adult air barun has brought to this. an intensity. something real. could have easily become soppy, unwatchable.

and then that moonlight missing of his... again, so much has been conveyed by these shots of him out by his pool at night... his mind drifting over thoughts of her. sometimes with a payal, sometimes just gazing up at the moon. the waters rippling.

"so rahi hogi, kissi taekwondo pose mein," must be sleeping in some taekwondo pose... today just a tender thought. yet a yearning in it.

in an ipk way we see her in a parallel scene. alas, too sweet for me. where is the need for this man? why so much kheenheen, ya that's what we used to call it in school, girls doing their kheenheen, the "n"s to add a nasal twang to this non existent word.

when he stuck his arm out and smiled at bua ji letting her tie the dhaga, i had a feeling he had this special soft corner for the dramatic aunt. the no nonsense, straight forward, don't mess with me man in black grey brown and white i think has a thing for pagals. khushi, chief pagal... nk, bua ji... and we know he is nuts about mami. a nice insight into character i felt. he is a highly concentrated type of persona... needs a light touch at times, to breathe... to be. and so dm sends him his brigade of pagals... they in turn are pretty devoted to him.

okay, the overly pink and frothy look was a bit much for me.

i did not like the fairly pedestrian prettying up of khushi,
though the caps looked great and sanaya looked very glossy magazine worthy.

but yes, man in grey suit, white shirt and red tika caused acidity severely.

ha ha. he does pinch her...

and then we get glimpse of camera boy. shyam, supposedly lethal.

everyone is immersed in merriment, but dadi must look stern... anyway, i thought i'd do a pointless cap, just because everyone made such an effort to pretend the episode was wonderful and remarriage is such a joy.
the ritual knower looks at di worried. why?

then walks off with girl... i think payal smiled again.

he reminded her they have been through roka before, i wonder if there was any need to say it. they could have simply shown it... something a little unsubtle and that is so not asr.

i liked his impatience when he draws her away... he is  a normal man, needs his wife with him. instead all this song dance pink and blue.

come to the basics now. let's kiss.

and if anyone's coming, let 'em. let 'em, let 'em, let 'em, in fact. three times... emphatic and ready to take on whatever comes.

but what if aman ji calls?


so she remembers the night of diwali... hamesha? nice touch, i thought. maybe in it a coded signal of her yearning, something sp nuns and so called kitchen audience can live with. otherwise pasty smiles of good girl we be stuck with...

though episode is a bit all over the place, i did get a sense of a story of two people wanting to belong.


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