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episode 322 you've got to mauve it mauve it

just so that we know and are abs sure about this, wiki says: mauve...  from the french form of malva mallow, is a pale purple colour, which is named after the mallow flower. the first use of the word mauve as a colour was in 1796-8 according to the oxford english dictionary, but its use seems to have been rare before 1859. another name for the colour is mallow with the first recorded use of mallow as a color name in english in 1611.

and since rhyming with that mallow i am shallow, this episode really was for me only and all about a man and his mauve. there is also his "kaun rokega mujhe."
i'll be back with more and mauve soon.


this episode on, something begins which i honestly can't bring myself to agree with, therefore the enjoyment of stunning asr khushi scenes does get impacted. 

my problem is: remarriage.

without raising my hand in obnoxious fashion but choosing a word with a sense of extreme castigation in it, i say quietly to myself, lips pursed... avaidh.

i have no idea what this word exactly means but it certainly seems to say: wrong, incorrect, not acceptable, shameful.
marriage is, if we are to accept this idea at all, a fairly serious, some will say sacred, thing. it cannot be played with beyond a point, certainly not on daily tv which everyone watches and all the time. and absolutely not for trp. this remarriage was brought on only for money and nothing else.

for the sake of drama and story telling, and because it was delivered with a pristine powerful passion, i could accept, almost revel in actually, the fabulous yet terrifying wedding at the temple. subsequently he mentioned she was his legally wedded wife... which she did not refute. i presume, therefore, this marriage has legal sanction... they might have shown us a scene with the two of them signing the certificate and a couple of witnesses... they might have even shown us how he devised the six month clause into it... but this was a marriage... and even she accepted it, wearing the signs of marriage such as mangalsutra and sindoor, which she did not take lightly at all... never abandoning them whether they were hating each other, when they were loving each other... so... to me, asr agreeing to this new elaborate shadi was just a result of bad writing, ugly greed, and complete disregard for the story. and for love.

when he returned from kidnap, i did think he'd "marry" her again, but in their way, perhaps by the poolside, under the stars, give her kangans, letter from maa, maybe even in front of the families... but this?

sorry. this makes their marriage before god, which she believes in, with its mangalsutra and sindoor, which again he brings in because she believes in them, seem like a mere sham. that is just not right.

marriage is no joke... they were married.

and so, i feel a disconnect. the only positive outcome of this whole fiasco to me is episode 348, a new level of commitment...

and since when is sex between lovers such a bad thing? and i totally get his indignation on the night of the suhag raat which he'd set up with so much happiness and anticipation. isn't a lover wanting to make the first time they have sex with each other special a nice thing... wouldn't we like that?

and why is indian tv presenting such a ridiculous, damaging notion of sex in the first place? 

we neither marry to have sex nor not have it. also, it is an essential part of human survival, in fact. and is highly enjoyable... when we attempt to create permanence between two people who are not genetically connected, the sheer intimacy it brings in has many uses, including actually helping people tether, i see it often as a means of communicating. but at the same time human beings can have sex without marriage and for reasons they believe are valid... it is a matter of choice. 

to tie sex exclusively to marriage is a bit silly and doesn't understand the basic premise of either thing.

more and more serials present this weird scenario of two people getting married, then a whole chaos about something or the other, and then they just don't do "it". 


seems to say to me, a complete mindset of sex being"bad" and, worse still, "not essential" is being created. warped.

desist, dammit.

this is avaidh. 

thankfully, someone else couldn't care less about all the rasam and custom and eye rolling hysterical joy over meaningless things. 

he concentrates on dressing.


i am watching transfixed. (not that you don't know that already.)

shrug on brown waistcoat and turn elegantly while talking to lover girl on phonewa... blue is your tooth, and mauve is your shirt, slightly distracted is your air... that mid shot magnification... magnificento.

she is in a nice red tent, with a casual knot... but in the casual department, ah that tone of voice and that man going about daily routine air, me casualty.

"tum ready ho...?"
you ready?

"haan, arnav ji, bas hum taiyaar ho rahe hain... kya hua?"
yes, i am getting ready, what's the matter?

"kuch nahin... i'll see you soon."
nothing, i'll see you soon. (sexxxy)

"kya? aap hume dekh lenge?"
what, you'll see me?

pause. eyebrows dance...

hot hot "uh... matlab...?", uh meaning? on a sort of laugh. i have died. really all these rituals, who thought of these... i am going to buy an suv... he needs one. he must abduct her now and stop this nonsense.

she lets him know in her pleased, over sweet, know everything tone... once it used to be fun, but now i just want to run away... anyway he is told he can't see the bride.

and the devastating comeback...

"okay... kaun rokega mujhe?"
okay, who's going to stop me?

gosh he's doing his cuffs... okay i have to say, man has that thing we used to call by a very old fashioned name: sa... sex appeal, hello hi bye bye.

girl is shocked... i liked her look here and found the shagun do up ugh.

in that kaun rokega mujhe sat an entire character and its powerful charm.

he will not be stopped when he means to get something. he will go out there. do what needs to be done. reap the benefits or face the consequences, but he will live life on his terms and without compromise. certainly no one will be allowed to stop him. i have always liked this boldness, this shrugging on life and wearing it perfectly, all buttons done, cuffs rolled... not depending on others... not even god... and should there be severe wardrobe malfunction, ready to show himmat and tackle that too. 

i believe the free will in us exists for a reason. and to assert it, to express i,t is not to challenge the furies and god... in fact, this is part of our make up, surely we are asked to use it... and not keep looking for safety in numbers and social and religious sanctions.

and the man is playful on top of that, flirting away... despite all the drama... focussed on the main thing. khushi. his lover, his girl, he wants her... anything for her, even this ridiculous marriage. i am glad he pretty much says that to her in his mother's garden, though again there's a bit of a disconnect for he's been saying all along she's my wife.

i just read it as... him being fed up with the whole sugary shadi business and declaring, look, i did it for you, but get this! i don't believe in all this shebang. this perhaps is that special thing he wants to do with her after coming back: bring her to meet his mother and totally join with her in a relationship of commitment... not of trp and loud fairly empty customs.

so dadi tries to stop him. not a very bright woman, is she? he of course appears when he knows she won't be able to do a thing. (however that too cutesie "right, dadi?" banter, not my thing, so shan't say anything.)

holds khushi's hand and walks away with her in front of everyone... deadly. i remembered him itching to see her on a visit earlier, barging into the kitchen, flinging challenges at her... he can put up with anything, but not not being with her, not seeing her... he just can't do it.

needs her. loves her. will do anything for her. even if he does not believe in it but she needs it. i liked his holding of her hand... this time not to apologise... this time to claim... all the many parts of a "vaidh" relationship. and he did say again, kaun rokega mujhe?

little thoughts

~ why is garima falling apart like this? and how totally silly is this plan of not appearing before dadi... can this be sustained? and how come neither bua ji nor khushi think this is way too strange to be just given forehead furrowed looks and then go on as usual.

~ why does khushi stop him from saying kkgsr? why was sanaya given such a strange hairstyle? why is she looking dopey and blink blink cute all the time? where's khushi?

~ bua ji said in the beginning, she knows they are ladkewale... but this is not fair. i am glad she did. episode one, her brother had thoughtfully asked, should he get his girl married to a boy whose family was behaving so badly... his wife had said how can you say that, we are ladkiwale. garima is timid by nature, accepting social norms even if they are not right. that's who she is i guess, though she is also sensitive and wise about many things and gets damad ji somewhere. (would have been nice to see the two of them working out this issue of her being "woh aurat". instead of aarav, sheetal, mrs india. and yes, birthday.)

ladkewale... ladkiwale. boy's side... girl's side.

ah the dynamics of a society based on giving precedence to men... the y chromosome game, the corralling of women... thank g at least two people belonging to the not too privileged, highly adherent to social traditions middle class, actually raised the topic, wondered rationally about something.

i wonder what asr will say if there's any ladkiwalle ladkewale talk.

~ karan g is a good actor. of course nk says things that no one else can... so he utters none of the so called riti riwaj about not seeing the bride were followed during akash's wedding. ah the shh shh from poojali... teehee. the raizadas are definitely progressive... respect tradition but don't get bogged down by it and stop exercising your powers of thinking.

~ nani ji was lovely as always... her dear pal sumi really needs to learn some manners and lighten up.

~ scary dadi was also meant to raise trp... that avaidh bet also didn't work.

~ was good to see payal whack nk and smile widely almost when jeth ji walked off shamelessly dragging his ladki after him. deepali pansare was looking upbeat, maybe they'd told her her role was about to become something. how much can a girl run after sasuma and upset pati wearing synthetic shiny saree, hair open.

cut to lopsided smile after raised eyebrows... so you are not mine now...

hum toh aapo hi ke hain.

hum bhi... hum bhi.

of course, i am yours...

me too... me too.

shall we be shallow? and wallow in the mallow.

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