Wednesday, 16 March 2016

episode 326 was that ipk?

there's really nothing to say about this episode. other than, are they sure it's an ipk episode? i often wonder when i watch hindi serials why the women must cry incessantly... what exactly is the subtext of women with tear laden eyes and a heavy sad look all the time.

thankfully ipk was not like that. people rarely cried and if there were tears there was plenty of laughter and mami to contain the problem. yes, during kidnap we had a run of mopey khushi... but never have i ever seen an episode that has mainly tears and the rest of the time it's severe attention seeking by anjali and that's all.

so you are going to have your so called ideal wedding though you are married. and now your parents are going to not be there because your mom is in high fret about being found out. you actually say to your parents, though you aren't my own parents, yet who else have i got but you... really, did khushi have to say that? of course she did... then we could have some pointless pour from the lacrimal glands and poor bua ji could add to the torrent with some tear jerker lines.

the new writer is having a lot of fun. especially making sure no one uses their brains.

so neither khushi, nor bua ji, nor even the usually canny payal has figured out that amma is behaving extremely strangely and this has to be tackled.

of course, poor payal did notice that both cups of tea were empty when anjali lied about the reason for there being two cups on teh table while she supposedly was all by herself... but then all anjali had to do was say, she isn't feeling too good and everyone rushed to the rescue... again complete skirting of grey matter by all as the chance to leap into doctor and dawai was too good to pass up on.

had a feeling many of khushi's shots from the back  were done with a tall very still double.
the first time i saw this episode i had been touched by the little exchange between an overwrought garima and an incapacitated shashi gupta who wanted to somehow help his wife. but this time round, it's all just stuff happening, an episode passing by, meaninglessly, not quite sure why it's there. what its reason for being is.

and of course, i missed the laad governor. terribly. what's the point of an episode if he is not going to appear.


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