Wednesday, 23 March 2016

to be a man... 353

my favourite moment this episode, when he turned and told his dadi the truth as it is, not as we like to make it. a real mensch he was. and i never tire of watching this scene.

"dadi, inki koi galati nahin, hamari zindagi barbaad karne wali ye nahin thi... aapke bete the..."
dadi, she was not to blame, the person who ruined our lives was not she... it was you son...

"...mere papa... shadi shuda the... phir bhi unhone do auraton ke saath dhoka kiya." father... he was married... even then he went and cheated two women.

"dadi, aap ki soch galat hai aur agar aap apni soch badal nahin sakti toh shayad aapko yahan se chale jana chahiye!"
dadi, your thinking is wrong and if you can't change that, then perhaps you should leave!

"khushi, jaane doh inhen."
khushi, let her go.

i just loved barun's acting. and i was glad writer had chosen khadoos asr to let the dadi role come to an end. ved raj is back. we need more arnav singh raizadas on our tv... real men, who don't think egregious patriarchy is right. if the man is wrong, he is wrong, you got to say it as it is. you have to be fair... and stop this other woman woh aurat nonsense.. the man was married. the onus was on him to be faithful. doesn't matter he was wealthy or belonged to a well established family. rarely have i seen a tv character speak so plainly and say the truth. in a deeply patriarchal society, asr has refused to fudge the truth about his own father, refused to bow down to any pressure, refused his father's name and fully honoured his mother's making it his own. and he doesn't believe in god the way his family does. and yet he succeeds, no, her bhagwan doesn't come and smite him... how did this hero make it through 398 episodes of a gec daily soap, intact. miracle.



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