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episode 349 wedding day

after the intoxication of the previous episode, it was hard to come back to reality. when scene opened on pink walls, i winced.

i know we had come to these walls in 348, but i had hoped we'd start the episode on a sweeter note.

instead, we were given frenzy. khushi's frenzy at the thought of today being her wedding day. i am not saying this can't be a possible scenario at this stage of the story. but nothing seemed to gel.

sanka was not pure somehow.

when we reached shantivan, it was even more perplexing. nk for some reason slept in the hall. and when woken up by the whole family, he spoke of how he'd stayed up the whole night brushing up on wedding customs... several minutes of fairly meaningless prattle followed.

then there were those serial type signs of impending doom sort of dialogues. earlier khushi had shouted at someone for suggesting chameli and insisted she wanted gulab, roses at her shadi. gulab instantly suggests something is up and most likely maa is involved in it in some way.

now nk said, "lekin issbaar nannav mere bhai ke shadi mein main saare kasme achhe se nibhana chahta hoon."

but this time at nannav my bro's wedding i shall abide by all the vows.

he meant customs, of course, and had confused kasme (vows/promises) with rasmein (rituals). anjali corrected him with a pained expression. there were other indications that he instead of asr might end up being the bridegroom today. his sherwani even matched asr's and she wore a turban while the dulha refused to.

all through there was a sense of major setting up of ominous event about to transpire. we know ultimately all the hint dropping about there being a possible switch of bridegrooms was pointless. asr came and married kkg. so why was this done? to make us all tense during the asr not showing up stage or because at some point nk as khushi's husband was also considered and then hastily abandoned along the way.

you never can tell with a hindi soap.

anyway, the big day is here. everyone is all dressed up. 


the bride is in pink ad green, colours of episode one. khushi is looking pretty but her fake sanka is still in full pelt.

the red bangles arnav ji has given her, break. directors want us to know something bad is on its way.

we all know that anyway, dadi is in vengeful mood for a while. and so in this episode she appears and stuns her grandson with the picture of khushi's amma and his pita ji.

again, what might have been an engaging even if a bit obvious sequence, failed to make contact. there's just no chemistry between the actors and everything is unidimensional. flat. loud.

there are a couple of moments where barun takes the viewer to the turmoil of this hour. but nothings peaks.
i found his problem solving, brisk question to dadi very cute. she is insisting they must talk now. he doesn't want to get late, he's promised khushi he'll be there on time. wso he says, "okay... car mein baithke baat kar sakte hain?"

okay, can we talk in the car?

later, when dadi makes it clear that she will not be welcoming khushi as daughter in law and in fact, he may not wish to marry her, he lashes out with that asr gussa and intensity, stop it, dadi... mujhe ye sab baatein nahin sunni hai!" stop it, dadi, i don't wish to listen to all this.

he knows she is playing a game, but he won't fall for it. when his grandmother speaks of a truth that will make him part with khushi, a beautiful line...

"toh aisa sach mujhe janna hi nahin hai... jo mujhe khushi se alag kar de."
then such a truth i don't wish to know.. one which will separate me from khushi.

a couple of things i enjoyed in 349.


ipk is often really good with showing interaction among family. everyone is ready to go to the wedding and the guys are hanging out in sherwanis, when suddenly anjali walks in with a busy air and starts dousing chhotey with perfume. he obviously doesn't like her doing this, but she is all elder sis and he, irritated but letting her do her thing since he knows there's no stopping her anyway.

us and our thing for perfume. i giggled at this little scene.

and yes, that "hi."

now barun sobti should really start conducting a programme on the many ways of saying hi and all their significance.

khushi called him and of course everyone in that happy shadi mood, refused to let him have his phone, taking turns to have inane conversations with khushi. the phone call from kidnap came to mind and all their several calls to each other. this one gadget of our times is such an essential part of their romance.

finally, he'd had enough. he snatched the phone and declared,
"okay... aap log chaliye main khushi se baat karke aa raha hoon..."
okay... you all go ahead, i'll talk to khushi and join you. he sounded a little angry... nice.

and then came the


sweet soft tender. on a slightest ever smile. one had to stare.

even if sp and its achchi ladki needs had completely done away with any normal reaction from khushi about the night that had just gone by, when she had made love to her husband for the very first time, asr was not having anyone stop him from saying what he had to.

yes, the evening before had happened. he knew it was khushi's first time and he meant to find out how she was doing, if all was well. he was possibly worried she was hurting... yeah, we are never supposed to mention such things... but even as all our minds are skidding into the gutter, he will ask what he must and with such poise and sweetness, we'd be passing out too.

"khushi, tum theek ho na..." awww. khushi, you're okay aren't you? his three little words, tum theek ho... now in this moment of their lives. i remember his brusque husky theek ho tum in a godown during kidnap.

she smiled gently.

"i mean, tum..." i mean, you... he started

"hum theek hain!" i am fine she said. still smiling.

"i mean, kal raat ke baad..." i mean after last night.
yeah, he said it... that explicit.

then she said a very soap type of line, completely changing the mood and tone... words sounding heavy and too squishy.


~ piyumori mehta is again an actress i like. she has a depth in her portrayal. the scene with khushi was moving, if only story were strong.


~ "
no thanks, mujhe koi pagdi nahin pahanni hai..." no thanks, i am not wearing a pagdi. asr sounded cute.

~ what happened to that bracelet he was looking at and then put into its box? maybe in season 2? LOL

~ "aaj hamari shadi hai..." said khushi. didn't she sound just like heer? was this also a hint that all will not be well? uff, socheka padi.


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