Sunday, 13 March 2016

episode 319 of love beyond ritual

"hum bhi aap se i love you dammit!"

very cute from khushi.

just one thing, had a crucial word missing. that.

he had said: that i love you dammit.

to her question: if pheres, wedding rituals nothing means a thing, toh aap hi bataiye humey kis cheez ka matlab hai.

his reply, that i love you. dammit, that's the cheez that has matlab for him.

again by agreeing to remarry his wife, he proved it. because he did it for her, knowing how much it mattered to her.

we don't love or honour or respect through rituals, for that you need the courage of feelings. and the ability to examine our ideas, adjust a bit if need be, broaden our thoughts to make someone we love happy, comfortable. i wish someone would do that for this man who has been surprising us for a while with the extent to which he is willing to go for the woman he loves.

khushi has done much for him too. risked her own life and played a deadly game with a terrible enemy to save him. she has forgiven him without asking for a single explanation. always thought of his and his sister's happiness before hers and she loves him no doubt as much as he loves her. which is why i do hope khushi will understand his gesture for what it is and know really what was the meaning of that night at the temple. she has the potential in her, just as arnav always had the potential to be loving and gentle and a person of dil.

two beautiful people, caught in a terribly difficult moment. allegations of the most unkind and ugly sort flying about. a young man stands questioning the norms of an entire society. unafraid, extremely sure of what he says, not likely to change his stance... and then he looks into a pair of eyes, a down cast face, and takes a decision that will once and for all stop all talk regarding the one he loves. he doesn't do it for the rasam and vidhi and all the social norms he really doesn't believe in. he does it for what he does believe in... his love. his love for his beautiful wife. in that moment he is husband ti her once again, no question really. and no wonder then, she walks back to him before everyone and stands looking down shyly, and tells him in her way, she loved him no matter what, dammit. 

such an extraordinary moment between two lovers. he will marry his wife again, so no one can cast aspersions on her, he will even take a step down from the stance he has taken... for the sake of her status, her place in his home... this is arnav singh raizada, who listens to nobody but himself... but did he just teach us something priceless about loving by listening to his lover's eyes? oh i just love this love story... swoon.


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