Thursday, 24 March 2016

episode 354 camera finish

there was something so positively strange about 354, it was completely ajeeb. and i don't mean that in a nice way.

just now we have seen the struggle the two have gone through to get married. finally you have the beautiful coming to mandap, albeit somewhat late, by the tycoon... and the lovely jhalli bride throwing her arms around him in front everyone, just holding him, needing him. and he the same.

this has come after days of drama and tension. surely you can wait one episode before jumping into some crazy story involving shyam and cameras. cameras i think are an obsession with the writers, just like dawai, and why is it that shyam has these cameras up at all? and even if he has, must we see him just minutes after episode opens?

i remember cynthia's extreme ire with the post marriage hoopla to avoid any intimate scenes between two people, now twice married to each other.

what is this coyness?

or was it not coyness, more a deal? had the channel allowed the writers to move away from the separation idea and have asr come to khushi at a simple cost... you must have some nefarious drama on and not let any happiness in. that way audience will be tense and trapped.

and yet, ipk writers used to be so good at balancing the good the bad and the shyam. so what happened now? guess i'll never know.

a most bland episode, like kheer without sugar. i am remembering how asr hates it and smiling. so where are those writers?

instead shyam in red on a wedding night. how pathetically boring. he sits peering at a computer while his wife comes and goes without noticing what he is seeing.

khushi and asr spoke of his mother and his hurt. again, nothing touched me, though yes, the dulha looked deadly. such a pat conversation, all the so called right noises made. this show was about making the wrong things sound right, dammit.

couple of lines from one mr asr i did like.

"tum meri behen ho..."
are you my sister...

he said to nk, a weird smile in his eyes. now i have been watching this man carefully when he is with nk, he has such a glint in his eyes as the nand kissore from down under gets going. this is too cute thinks the aged aunty viewer, who has never been part of trp audience alas, for then she might have mattered.. asr is a little helpless before the loopy coz. just as he is before the lunatic bride. and this surely is true bromance.

"di ko uss aadmi ke aage kuch nazar nahin aata."
di can't see beyond this man.

he adores his sister but knows her well. and that slight irritation in his tone, so natural.

"jitni bhi giri hui harkat ho yeh insaan kar sakta hai."
however lowdown an act may be, this man can do it.

he knows his jija ji well too. i like the fact that asr learns from his mistakes. no one can ever convince him again that shyam has changed or is a good guy. he is base, that is all there is to it. human asr is, he makes mistakes, but fool he isn't.

so i am afraid, i don't think on his suhag raat, despite the cheesy linked hearts on the wall, he would waste any time talking about this and that. he would actually lay her down on the bed and start making love to her immediately. with extreme passion.

maybe the writers didn't write that only to spare poor shyam.


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