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episode 323 chapter 1 aane doh aane doh aane doh


this was my first take on 323. will add a short piece on the crucial aane doh aane doh aane doh later.

oh, kiss me
beneath the milky twilight

lead me
out on the moonlit floor

lift your open hand

strike up the band
and make the fireflies dance

silvermoon's sparkling

so kiss me

~ ~ sixpence none the richer ~ ~


i've seen in my own life that if intentions are clean, destiny acts to bring you to the right place. of course, there is randomness and it can completely throw you, but still too many times i have seen forces align to make something happen because the heart and the call was untainted. can't ignore that. we're seeing it right now and perhaps "tab se" in iss pyaar ko. there's depth and perhaps an empirical truth there, which keeps us riveted.

a kiss is never just a kiss.
a thank you is never just a thank you.
but character just may be destiny.

i have worried about two characters last week, last night that worry got almost entirely allayed. 100 percent in the case of asr. 93.7612 percent for khushi. i am happy, grinning, wanting to write.

got home late last night, iss pyaar ko had already started. caught it just as he came back to take his phone. a bit apprehensive about the episode i was trying to catch the story, when his "thank you" reached my ears.

had no idea why he was thanking her, ostensibly it was for that phone of his, but how could it sound so full of meaning and moment? surely not just for a phone? and that voice, low, deep from within? i let it be and decided to just enjoy the exchange. he looked at her lingeringly, something in his eyes, the frankness of a child untouched by the world, a touch of sadness? certainly gratitude. he held her gaze as if he wanted to say so many things.

she was puzzled, perhaps not wanting to see him go, a fleeting smile and she said: bye.

bye? that's his language, i thought. she even said it in his sort of way. he seemed to notice it too.

"bye," and he turned away.

of course i saw the episode immediately once again. as the context set in, there was just wonder in me at the very conception of this character called arnav singh raizada and the understanding his makers have of him, not to mention the fire asr's prometheus, barun sobti, brings to him. once, a long time ago a man had let me into a secret about himself: when he loved someone all they needed to do was show him a wee bit of love and then he would want to flood them with his love, absolutely, no limits, no flood gates.

and there was arnav singh raizada doing just that. he had overheard bua ji's conversation with di. he wanted khushi to have the wedding of her dreams and perhaps was wondering what to do. then he heard khushi making buaji understand why she felt there was no need for him to tie the raksha bandhan: he respected and loved each one in the family, but if he didn't believe in something why not let him be. just that, the small matter of a string. but with that sentence she had shown respect for his individual space, she had defended his right to be him. then he also heard that she had got a slap for speaking up for him earlier.

nothing much, just a couple of sentences, yet his heart welled over. first time ever, he was hearing khushi, his patni, his ardhangini, the love of his life, say in so many words, his way mattered, just because it was his way. khadoos, non ritualistic, laad governor whatever he was, she would want him no other way. he was worth getting even slapped for, he was worth much more.

almost any human being would be touched by this. but arnav singh raizada showed his gratitude his way. with a deeply felt thank you, there was wonder in it... and why did i feel there were a few tears in it? as though he felt, no one got me all these years, and now you, spunky, jhalli cute mad you, you who loves her little traditions, her dm, with your clear eyed innocence, your inexperience, you got me so beautifully and thought i was worth keeping just the way i was? yes, there were tears behind those eyes, at this amazing grace.

the flood gates opened and all he wanted to do was show her his love. ever the karta, the man in charge, he took over the observance of the ritual, every detail, requirement, rule at his fingertips. make sure it all happens right. just the way khushi wants it. no mistakes this time. without rancour an arm, sorry right arm, was stretched out for the raksha dhaga. smitten bua ji, proud nani ji, what the di, harrumph dadi ji, star in my eyes khushi ji.

don't know what dazzled me more, the man in black, white, and red or the man immersed in the colours of love. if only there were no pink.

how beautiful is the character of that arrogant young devil we met 6 june 2011. what a deft touch, this trait of loving back big and generous for a tiny bit of love given to him. actually, it's always been that way i realised. how much he treasured and gave his di emotionally. did he ever ask for much in return?

true to character again, he reminded her of their bandage engagement. this ritual has been done before, in a sacred spot she must have remembered. so she has been his "tab se." for me, that was their real roka. a gift of destiny to these two of the purest heart with the most untainted call.

we all know fate has delighted to these characters and already taken them through the essential rituals of a wedding. arnav, shatir saudagar, knows that. khushi is beginning to realise it. wonder what her reaction will be when she realises that indeed devi maiyya haath pakadke sab kuch karwate hain. if we are true, our god never fails us. there was never any need to worry that a wrong was being committed.

khushi is awakening to her love more and more. submitting to it. now she is entirely someone else's, sorry salman ji. and she will not change him, just take him as he is. this growth in khushi is just so so right. perhaps it's this maturity that shone in her eyes last night making her look prettier than ever in that where on earth are you from dress and the please go back to where you came from jewellery.

again they heard each other across the distance, in the silence of their heart. he smiled. oh i miss your frown these days, but something tells me not to worry, there's plenty of that there too. character, after all. jaayega kahan.

god's in his heaven
all's right with my characters

as the story progresses and the kisses get going, i leave with only one request.

khushi, please miss him like he misses you at night. feel the stirrings he's left in you, sneak into his room as he sleeps, nk will be glad to pick you up and bring you home, go right up to your sweet husband and put your lips on his skin. the rest i'm sure he'll manage. don't worry, you're already his. will you please be true to sankadevi and do this, khushi kumari gupta... singh raizada?


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