Wednesday, 16 March 2016

episode 327 a bump and a leap

haivaan pareshaan.

the episode felt a lot like that. tiring, perplexing, riddled with nonsensical pauses and melodrama. too much shyam that too with hungry look and suddenly a completely out of touch anjali. who is this girl? was she the one back in episode two ordering her brother around in a good natured way or later speaking of love to him, telling him about what's really important in life? what's happened to her? why have her eyelashes grown so much she looks almost stupid? and she sure is behaving stupid?

was the script so strange and unlike ipk daljeet just slipped into hamming? and why all the mega pauses by dadi in her own room... what's this unnecessary gabbar behaviour?

anjali quaked and whimpered right through, serious ipk watchers have to wonder what happened to her grey matter, had she been abducted by aliens and weird experiments were being done on her?

then there was garima going crazy and khushi and bua ji on their own trip. sanjay batra must have thanked dm that he was still paralysed so didn't have to do even a reaction shot for that flaky scene. suddenly a train on tv and oh no all trains to that part of the world down... then wife of paralysed man says i'll take bus, must get out.

no one even once thinks of asking her, what's the matter, we notice a bizarre stricken look on your face all the time, you trying to tell us something?

but no... let's cutely count money instead and even more cutely ask our husband whom we will marry again if he'll come out on a date... so now he is boyfriend, okay. and why this "forward" behaviour? because he's been such a good boy, even come to mandir... sad. so khushi has done her duty by asr by once mouthing words about him and his ways and just letting it be. honestly, if she'd told him, really no need to come to temple just for me, i'd have admired this character.

and what's this quid pro quo in love any way.

not an episode i liked at all. felt bad for nk too, having to do such puerile stuff.

only two things. did we just see a baby bump on anjali? brava.

and well, my heart did leap a couple of times... the reasons are right here.

i also stared jaw dropping as he looked at the clothes in his cupboard, engrossed, and then bantered with nk bhai. something terribly watchworthy in that lithe frame... stylish as h and why do i really enjoy watching him looking at his clothes with a slightly contemplative air.

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