Friday, 25 March 2016

gravity... nothing can pull us apart : a vm on a song by coldplay

kate, my dear friend on india forums, spoke of this song called gravity by coldplay which reminded her of asr, i'd never heard it... but since i know kate well i knew she had felt something totally ipk abs asr while hearing it, so i ran and listened. fell for the whole thing. made this vm... it's for kate and all of us who love ipk, khushi, asr.

the force of nature that holds us tight, keeps us rooted and makes us float away... gravity.
watch gravity here.

thanks, kate, for the song, this one is made by the two of us i think.



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no copyright infringement is intended. this is a fan appreciation video and there's no commercial transaction involved. thanks to all at ipkknd and coldplay, all the original owners of the material.


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