Tuesday, 22 March 2016

that one week

in the middle of a story losing shape, losing thread, when suddenly for about three odd weeks there was this feeling of things going off kilter... holes, gaps, confusion... along came five days of beauty, grace, and breathtaking perfection. holi. those who saw the first telecast 12 march to 16 march 2012 will remember the thrill of it, the feeling of being taken away to another realm, another world. the colours of an emotion broke free and splashed across the screen, all over our minds, us. you had to get a little affected, just a wee bit high and ask full of wonder, "aisa kyun hota hai?" aisa kyun hota hai, why does this happen that just as you think it is all kind of over, enchantment descends. and dances. and you can't help yourself but walk toward it, your feet perhaps a little unsteady, but your eyes glazed with longing, your heart beating fast and in exact rhythm with it. finally you understand the meaning of ek, one. the colours come together, and leave a permanent mark on the mind.


happy holi, everyone.

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