Sunday, 13 March 2016

episode 321 an apology to remember

if arnav singh raizada had not broken down at the sight of khushi in another man's arms i'd have been surprised. if he hadn't lost it and done extreme things i'd have thought the character is losing its essence... and if he hadn't apologised i'd have been really surprised.

this is a thinking man, a brave man and a man who wants to be fair though his human frailties do interfere with that aim often... and especially in the case he has bungled it many times. i do admire this man, but that dropping of khushi from his office, one act of his i still can't figure out nor say, ah doesn't matter, these things happen.

he is a big character, and he acts like one. what i really loved about his apology was his reasoning... you tried so hard to tell me you were not with shyam, but i didn't believe you... you tried at the airport, i didn't listen, despite that... you risked your life and came and saved me.

when his lover was perplexed... why are saying all this now... he said he had something serious to tell her.

she panicked... now what. the last few days have been harrowing. above all dadi has entered and caused mayhem, one can't blame khushi for looking perturbed when he holds her hand and speaks in such a sombre way.

and then he says what he has to.

i am really sorry, khushi. mujhe shayad pata bhi nahin hai maine tumhe kitni baar hurt kiya... for every single time, i'm sorry.

i am really sorry, khushi. i perhaps don't even know how many times i've hurt you... for every single time, i'm sorry.

asr stood up for this apology, giving it a place of importance in their lives, in the story of asr and khushi... like taking a vow he caught her hands and looking into her eyes spoke the words. i do like this man.

yes, he makes mistakes... big ones even... but once he realises his mistake... not only "bahut bura lagta hai" as he tells la earlier, he also acts on it. man of action... of living in this world , engaging with it fully... no matter what the situation.

in fact, khushi doesn't like to look at negative things too hard or too much and says what is the need to go there, but he is adamant... there is a need. a thing must be looked in the eye and dealt with.

she is at first flummoxed by this apology and then picks on his extreme pain at having wronged her and says the most beautiful thing... he doesn't have to say these things, sanaya was wonderful when she said the line as if she meant every word, she cued into the emotion of the words perfectly, made me feel them

aapko yeh sab kahne ki zaroorat nahin hai... kyunki hum jaante hain ki aap humse bahut pyaar karte hain... dammit.

you don't have to say all this to me, because i know how much you love me... dammit.

the whole thing could have gone a bit too mushy and unreal, but i felt acting was solid and real... made it work.

that dadi is an alien to ipk is so apparent everywhere... the only character with no nuance, (even op has texture)... and clearly hear to get some trp related "action drama dhan tan tan" done. i didn't empathise with the actress at all. and the loud obvious music with all her pausing and fretting over khushi's mother's name, her stiff stilted delivery... something was almost cartoonish about it... flat, exaggerated, alas not funny at all.

the angry man who was looking particularly hot today stood vis a vis his dadi and insisted on being the master of his own life and absolute shield of his wife... she is his legally wedded wife... asr does his duty meticulously and defending and protecting his wife is a clear and present duty. so beware, dadi.

so cute, the man calls shashi ji, khushi's "dad" and of course garima is "aunty", awww my hardwar educated angreji baboo sir laad governor.

the banter between nk, asr and anjali was lovely... only that i didn't get the meaning of the whole thing... and the ear was so not right in all the shots from asr's back.

i fell for nani ji again in this episode...
and please save me from vacant cliched pyaar sabko badal deta hai, love changes everyone, nonsense.

something interesting in that jo such hota hai, woh mooch hota hai. what's true is a moustache... (cyn, in hindi, sach much means really... nk puns on the much and does this moustache thing... wonder why) huh? major moustache was mimed by nk... again, in the trp chase another little story got lost for we never heard of it again.

over all, the whole thing felt a little loose and too many things were flung in, as though someone was in a rush and several points had to be made.

ha ha at eleven a.m. damad ji is visiting with his grandmother.

maine kah diya toh kah diya! okay!...

i've said it so that's it! okay!..

he snaps when khushi asks what's the rush... then quickly tries to assuage the situation, softens his tone... while that was perhaps understandable here, i did not think asr would stand in front of bua ji's house and have a long conversation with himself about not disturbing anyone... once before he's done it in 304... but that was a little more natural... we have entered the phase squarely where asr is being sweetened. bless barun for not yielding completely... he kept on searching seeking finding his character... asr... the best he could.

since i'd have to edit for the next 100 years straight without break if i wanted to catch all the o h expressions on this man's face this episode, i just exercised extreme restraint and settled for the few i did do... one more... i know is in my caps... soon.

he said to her she looked very nice in white... i wondered about the reference and the lighting in this scene, accentuating khushi's "white" look. was her pure virginal appeal being underscored, dadi having cast hideous aspersions of avaidh, etc." i felt the scene was a bit contrived and gave us the mandatory rabba ve... far more rv to me was him yelling keh diya so keh diya... very pati patni, no masking photoshopping sweetening... as is... hot livid owning demanding love.


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