Saturday, 19 March 2016

episode 163 the lord of dance

the culprits own up. man gets up... looks at all. clenches jaw. notes nk's pally behaviour with khushi. everyone is so happy. he looks at her, something in his eyes...

this something in his eyes was what made the episode count as far i am concerned. otherwise, not much really happening here, just a day on the way to sangeet. of course, there's nk's little thing for khushi, which i feel is practically mandatory, expected of him where he comes from, he a jawan ladka, she a jawan good looking babe, both unencumbered, how not to be attracted...

useful too, since it lets more of that "something in the eyes" come on.

and there is too a disgusting interlude with peeping tom shyam, that sick rustic villain attitude, interesting how buaji falls upon him and gives him hell without caring about making a scene outside the house. the same lady who'd called for smelling salts at the sight of a heart with two names on the wall of her house. good for her, maybe even a clear hint to overly cautious middle class parents about keeping quiet where their daughter's names are involved in that "izzat abroo" pill we've all collectively swallowed.

as all rush off, nk is a bit wary of nannav, khushi too... but they walk out, and carry on in conspiratorial vein, while a quiet man watches.

"khushi ji aapka plan successful ho gaya..." khushi joi, your plan is successful.

hi five, and... a very confident khushi, "woh toh hona hi tha nahe ji,  aur aise karne se arnav ji apna haar maan hi lenge..." that it had to be and thsi way arnv ji also had to accept defeat...

and as needed, nk is called away... the usual ipk devise. voice off screen.

"haar jeet ki baat itni jaldi?" talking of winning and losing so soon?

the man who loves to win ain't givin' up. and asr with full asr music in attendance, strikes a stance on this whole affair.

speaking of which, have you guys scene this music being used in a pashto drama? between nagin dance and this one, the awards are all taken. please do see here (3:15 to 3:50).

"aur achha hoga tum iss maun vrat ki aur thodi practice kar lo, kyunki sangeet ki competition main harne ke baad tumharo bolti band hone wali hai, kkg," and it'll be good if you practice that vow of silent a bit more because after losing in the sangeet you'll have to shut up anyway.

he walks up to her, for once she stands firms, then turns to walk off, but hand on shoulder... he stops her.

"waise toh tumhari aadat hai, par iss baar competition mein girna mat... main sambhalne nahin aaoonga," though it's a habit of yours, but this time don't fall during the competition, i won't come to save you.

terribly sweet and sexy and of course, he will be there... hamesha.

he turns to go, trips on the carpet. almost falls. she catches him... that whole sambhalna thing which resolves on karwa chauth starts here... who will take care of whom, save whom... she will also always be there. a subtle rabba vey moment seasoned with their little altercation, it's heat.

"aur aap girne say dariyega mat kyunki hum aapko sambhal lenge..." and you don't worry about falling, because i'll always save you, because i'm from lucknow where the winner also helps the loser... 

good, angry young girl... give it to him.

he just looks at her, a bit disconcerted, possibly stirred in a way he didn't expect by that sudden touch of hers...

he is about to say something and she starts off her "haan haan" predicting the whole conversation... a little cut away to this moment :). often getting it wrong but who is to stop this express train. he looks on, seems amused, i could have sworn in fact he was.

"jahan pe aapka yeh what the khatam hota hai na, wahan pe humare thumke shuru hotey hain..." where your what the ends, my hip thrusts begins. complete lunatic... and lovely she is, how not to fall madly for her. the poor man.

thrilled with herself she walks off... leaving a hot bothered sexy man behind, determined to vanquish this miss walkie talkie.

in the living room a smitten nk believes khushi ji can get things done without saying a thing? huh? shyam enters, wearing green, gah... same as akash, what? and kkg in green too, what's up?

"khushi ji aapki kamar kitni lambi hai," khsuhi ji, you waist is so tall, nk in fine hindi.

"how dare you, kkg?" asr in mother tongue english.

he's trying to get a word with her, but the whole fam is on... shyam stalks khushi... "kahan khoye hue" where are you lost, asks his wife. disgusting man continues the stalk.

the natraj ki murti, usually the smugglers heist in hindi movies of the seventies which seems to hold sway over the creators' imagination, makes an appearance. can't figure out why the props girl couldn't find a box it could fit into properly.

anyway, the beautiful lord of dance, the majestic nataraja, nani ji's trophy won at a young age, is declared the prize. khushi who was sitting next to nk while asr seethed at the opposite end, leaps up and does pranams declaring it will be the gupta's soon.
"hello hi bye bye, mind it!" counters mami in contender mode, very rajnikant.

little eyetalk between the the laad governor and miss jhalli all through. as also shyam's constant lurking around khushi, trying to engage her in conversation,... he seems to be reaching some sort of an edge, a little desperate, almost careless.

khushi leaves, and surprisingly asr follows. he must talk to her it seems.


she walks on, oblivious, or pretending to be.

"khushi kitni baar kaha hai tumse when i'm talking to you don't walk away..." that walkkk away. how many times i've told you when i speak don't walk away. again this thing, he has something about people turning away or not paying heed when he talks. why i wonder... and why was this never explored further? 

"chal toh nahin sakte par hum bhag toh sakte hain na," can't walk, but i can run, can't i? she runs... maybe she knows he's reached boiling point. and maybe something in her wants to get burnt too. she must run.

i must laugh out loud, funny girl... sanaya's sense of comedy just too good and glances off barun perfectly, he catches the vibe and it all becomes absolutely fun... yet sensuous, how this happens i have no idea.

what was he trying to tell her. disconcerted gorgeous man alert.

ek do teen chaar... as kkg and bua ji practice their sangeet dance, someone approaches gh... shyam. he lurks behind pillar spying... a lascivious smile on his face as he indulges his khushi fantasies. a sense of senseless obsession growing. eeew.

disturbing scene... invasive this spying.

buaji sees shyam smiling mesmerised at the dancing khushi... and takes on the bessaram aadmi. shyam is still speaking of his innate decency. if you repeat a lie many times, it becomes the truth. nicely directed.

in the meantime nk is making love sick blank calls to khushi... and he also wants advise from nannav. so now he has to be nk's love consultant. first akash, now nk, obviously his prowess with women is well known, hyuk. when he picks up the courage to say something, nk talks gibberish and then in frustration disconnects the phone and leaves.

phone, tired gardener, irritated by nk making a play for kkg... phone rings. he picks it up... "hello," off hand.

dancing girl freezes.



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