Sunday, 27 March 2016

episode 355 a world of our own

too many women around the world get bashed every day for this very reason for me not to feel touched by a man who ate food cooked by his wife without even noticing it wasn't well made. i am sure that is not the reason this scene got written into the story, which incidentally, was struggling to find a path clearly. and of course, i realise it was to show how much he loved khushi that scene was devised. but a viewer will always see anything with her filters in place. my perception is my reality.

i thought yet again, how badly our world needed a hero like arnav singh raizada. if there was any woman watching the episode who gets a whack from her husband if she doesn't place a nice meal before him... or a woman who is treated badly by her in laws when the food doesn't turn out right... she would have felt the joy of the moment, its beauty. in fact, husband/boy friend flinging the food one has cooked and then beating her, comes up in many accounts of women who are battered.

yes, a man should be like that fellow sitting there and merrily noshing. someone is bothering to cook for him and serve him with care... that is enough.

"tumne banaya mujhe achcha laga..."
you made it, i liked it.

my favorite dialogue this episode. and my favourite moment along with one other, where nothing was said.

as she walked out of the bathroom, in her simple night clothes, a moment came upon them. his eyes showed it first, then her a slightly unsettled look and pause.. next thing he had pulled her without preamble.

my heart sort of slowed at a certain point as they tumbled onto the bed.

a heat permeated all. i thought yeah, that is the chemistry we all talk about. really what these two actors create on a creen is quite incomparable. and beautiful. makes you greedy, makes you happy. makes your day in just a moment. this was our "chhoti si duniya" really, these two... and the feelings they filled us with. it made that ajeeb duniya we all live in seem not so weird. it brought beauty into our lives.

a chhoti si duniya is a precious thing.

around this time, ours had started to crack and crumble pretty badly. look at that rush to solve the shyam story. i think abhaas had asked to go by now. and maybe a lot of the more adept creatives had started working on other projects, thought the credits rolled their names. otherwise, why this hotchpotch episode design, no traction anywhere. even the lighting feels off. and please, what story telling is this, khushi can't cook halwa poori for breakfast? she who can make hundreds of jalebis in no time, run a dabba service...

the whole conspiratorial air between asr and khushi, then khushi yanking nk into the scheming and planning, everything feels wrong. they have just gotten married after much drama the night before... no, they are not going to be running around trying to stymie shyam right now, even if they have seen those cameras in the room.

please don't tell me, the lead writers and directors were working on these episodes, i just won't believe it. suddenly while watching a black and white visual of shyam at godhbharai, asr said "blue bracelet." how careless are these mistakes. and if the set up for the asr eating badly make halwa for wife's sake was scene was silly, the one that would give them the chance to go peek at shyam's laptop was mind numbing...

i understand serial writing isn't easy. all the daily pressures. so yea, you can have some not too well made/written episodes. but the thing that i can never get is why did khushi have to be changed? her smile, her tone of voice? her demeanour? and one moment she is a little doltish so called cute girl, next she is achhi bahu out to save the world. why? she was a lovely character. a strength in her and a wisdom as also her beautiful sanka, her fey thing, her style, her depth. there was something delicate and graceful about her movements, her voice had a simplicity, an innocence, her smile was infectious, nothing felt put on. an elusive thing really this feel.

and she was immensely  popular as she was.

so why did one have to mess with her? after the remarriage, she was further fixed and really i couldn't get her or this strategy at all. a strident note in khushi now, jarring. that naturalness damaged.

i am glad though her eyes showed she wanted his kiss. it was he who didn't when he remembered the cameras... and for a moment she looked disappointed, uncomprehending. in little things like this i guess my chhoti si duniya got saved.

er, i don't think asr is into cute conversations under the cover. and that too in a soft tone about hamari shadi. he is dragging her into his arms right now and thoroughly kissing her. as i said, my perception is my reality. hyuk.

and my mano darling said, "bahut musskil hai, bhery diphcult!"
i thought, right you are, my sharp one, it is difficult to see what i am seeing.

had to make this edit. he looks so good, absorbed in eating.



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