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episode 303 a biwi too far (vm)

"meri zindagi ka sabse important hissa hamesha aap thi aur rahogi!" you were the most important part of my life and will remain so.

story is clearly not on track... and hasn't been for a while. in the middle of that, episode opens with asr saying he married khushi only for his sister's sake. okay, to some extent this is true... but then he underscores, he didn't love khushi at that time... really? well maybe he hadn't found a name for that faraq feeling of his yet, his heartbeat going haywire, his need to run to her wherever she is, even if it means he'd have to beat nk to carry, of all things, a shadi ka joda. a tycoon who runs his own empire suddenly ready to be courier, waiter, handkerchief giver, anything. but okay this was not love, or he had not figured out yet it was that...

"yeh toh shadi ke baad jo usse pyaar honey laga.."
it was only after marriage that i began to fall in love with her...

but then he reassures his sister it's only after he got married that he fell in love with khushi... she became that saansey ruk jaaygi girl di spoke of.

this is when i am bursting blood vessels. so what was that "khushi" moment way back, when his dhadkane raced and he looked at his own reflection and connected why his heart beat so... and for whom.


beautiful acting by barun sobti and flaky childish, reassure me i am at the centre of your world expressions from daljeet. yeah, maybe it was the need of the moment to say something to make di feel better, stronger... she is his world as he says... and she is. but why this weird bare faced lying by a man who doesn't lie.

if there's one person willing to look at the truth for what it is, it is this man... so why this ridiculous writing.

there was a troubled look on asr's face when his now happy and mollified sister hugged him. i wondered why, is it because he knows he didn't exactly speak the truth... but no, lying is so not asr. it was perhaps asr wondering why the writer was doing this to him.

"jo bhi hua usski jo bhi wajah ho, aap naahin hain khushi bitiya..."

whatever happened and whatever be the reason for that, it wasn't you, khushi...

in the meantime khushi sits under a fairly self created burden of guilt and talks to possibly the only character who stayed intact... nani ji. i enjoyed nani's simple statement about it being absolutely natural for a husband and wife to spend time together, nothing wrong in it. so the only person, other than asr, who is not raising eyebrows at the romantic tryst planned by a besotted husband, is his smart sharp grandmother.


our television could do with a few more normal, cool headed, wise grandmas and mas in law like this. can't ever say enough about how much i enjoyed jayshree t's portrayal of devyani raizada. especially since i always knew her to be the not quite helen cabaret dancer. even with wig, make up and serial wardrobe sarees, she was outstanding... beautiful play of emotions on her face, her body language.

a pickle jar is in frame, hinting at something no doubt, but even without it, one gets the sense of something getting salted and sunned... getting ready to be spiced and left to come to a delicious delicate flavour. yes, despite all the perplexing writing, these are the episodes of the pati... who wants to be just that. these are about that besotted lover who once ripped a dori then forced her to tie it in the way he wanted and is now unable to live without that tie... all he wants is for her to accept him, make him hers.

he may say to his sister many things, but the truth is in his heart, his eyes, his tone of voice, his channe buying while jogging, his gentle hand sliding over hers, his "main bhi tumhare saath chal raha hoon..." i am also coming with you on hearing she is going to her aunt's, his following her around with his eyes, his trying to desperately understand her silence and her melancholy air.

she'd been fighting with him earlier... and he had done all he could to get her to relent. he'd even played asr like tricks and games and roared in anger.

but this sad khushi worries him, he has to get to the bottom of it... he teases, he plays, he asks, he is heck so gentle you want to melt and stay that way... and yet no gooeyness, all asr is he still. tender yet tycoonish. he must get his wife to be in his life, be part of him, the part without which he can't live... 

and she is so confused, in such a mess... all her decisions are a bit unsound... i guess when you love so much and are torn about things, it is hard to take decisions that make sense... she is all lover, all wife... she wants him so, yet in her own specifically khushi way she has come to the conclusion that she must leave him, because even though nani ji said di always wanted her to be in chhotey's life... "sach?" she had asked... is it true? something in her knows this might have been true once but now it's perhaps no longer the case. 

khushi has seen the way anjali looks at her... she knows her arnav ji can't be happy if di isn't... but she still doesn't really know, nor understand and feel that arnav ji can't live if she is not with him... she knows it, he has told her as much, but she doesn't feel it it yet... not entirely internalised.

i loved the fact that khushi was human. she was not "achhi ladki," she was not miss know all, she was a human being at this moment caught in the crazy topsy turvy of life.

these episodes up to 310 are all about love to me... not in its first raw attraction state, we have seen that... nor in its time of pain and extreme suffering which too we've been through, nor of the glorious larger than life return and claim of love on the human being... this is love where you become a part of me and i a part of you and no one needs to be told who is the most important in whose life.

extraordinarily fine acting i felt i saw during this period from both barun and sanaya. they felt the feelings of a man and a woman, all of them... there was a beautiful yearning, a tension palpable all around. tacky sets, no suv, story now here now there... but direction, acting and catching of emotions by everyone, even writers... wondrous.

this is why, ipk became classic for me despite obvious glitches and mayhem tracks. the understanding of love was flawless, har baar. felt like a real relationship... and there was a contemporary vigour, a will to live aspect to this love. khushi and asr became love somewhere along the way... pagal and laad governor pyaar.

how goofy and lovely was that scene straight after his talk with di. man lies in bed looking at wife. di sab samajhti hai. di understands everything, only men will believe such a thing, especially the straight forward sort, who don't really want to get into the complications of feelings unlike most women. and while he does need both the women he loves to feel happy, but a funny tenderness toward this girl sleeping next to him. 


"khushi, ab dheere dheere sab theek ho jaayga..."
khushi, now gradually everything will work out.

"ab tumhe mujhe apna pati manna hi padega..."
now you'll have to accept me as your husband... alas he has no idea she has already decised on acourse of action.

"waise jab tum soti ho, tumse baat karan kitna aasaan hp jaata hai..."

when you sleep, gets real easy to talk to you. i wonder is it only because she doesn't answer back or because he can show all his heart and exactly how terribly totally smitten he is. putty in her hands the stubborn raizada.

he watches wife, pushes back her hair... a thing between them that says hamesha... he slips his hand over hers, that too is becoming a forever thing between them.

later, after her puzzling behaviour with the channa, post her initial delight, he goes to leave her at buaji's. how concerned a man, why is his woman behaving so mysteriously? and his woman, tearful and sad and yet determined to leave the man who is part of her, without whom she can't live too.

"khushi, tum theek toh ho?"
khushi, you're okay aren't you?

"kuchh aur baat hai kya?"
is something else the matter?

tum raaste mein bhi chup chap baithi thi.. what's the matter with you?
you were sitting quiet on the way here...

she didn't even sing her fiendish song... he wonders, he wants to know. she is inconsolable, he can't let her be, "khushi, kya hua tumhe..." what's happened to you?

the sweetest inquisition on earth.

"khushi, tum..." he calls out... but she just says,

"chalte hain"
, i'm off then, in a hollow voice... she is leaving him...

yet when she reaches the top of the verandah steps, where once he had told her she means nothing to him, a rich guy wasn't clutching a payal and collapsing for her, where she had sat broken and wept... she halts there. tense. still.

as she hears him drive away, she can't stay as resolved as she wants to be, she turns... her broken heart welling over.


even amid a collapsing story line, the story of love remained true and tight and full of light and insight. the very nature of this feeling was felt and explored with a deft, intelligent touch... the spices were fresh, the aromas heady, the sunning at the right temperature...

i happened to watch 303 and 304 together last night. i found myself not wasting too much time on the silliness of the story and my eyes ears heart seeking out the lovers and watching minutely, not being able to stop at 303, needing to see the next... and the moment he said "haq hai tumhara... mujh pe," i knew i had to express this somehow.

the vm was done in that one sentence i think.

oh the yearning of arnav singh raizada. it comes with heavy doses of his intelligence, humour, hotness, always tycoonness... has any man looked better distracted and bothered...

and has any girl looked nuttier prettier more irresistible in a chutney pink tent with gota and pompom. 

be my biwi, said he. never, sighed she.

no copyright infringement is intended. this is a fan appreciation video and there's no commercial transaction involved. thanks to all at ipkknd, mohit chauhan for singing yeh dooriyan so beautifully, and the original owners of the material.



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