Friday, 16 December 2016

a new world

when i started watching iss pyaar ko, i had no idea online forums existed for tv shows and there feisty, fast and furious conversations went on about hindi soaps. then ipk started going strange, khushi's ott post marriage. i was disturbed, i'd watch the show sitting on my bed all by myself every weekday midnight... the witching hour. it was my absolutely happy and giddy time. so when things went wonky, first i yelled and shouted at my husband. 

he had never seen me watch hindi serials before, and certainly not with this absorption. he had no idea what to do with the whole situation. thankfully, after years of living together people start getting each other i think. i remember he'd say to me in soothing tones, not to worry, things would come around. they didn't. so i came here, to the net... to india-forums. 

i'd chanced upon its name while listening to noreen khan's first interview with barun. a forum? really? what did they do out there? i didn't know. but i needed solace. and since i didn't have an suv, nor jalebi making skills, i went to this unknown place. i was astounded and thrilled at what i saw. so much fun and action and so many girls posting constantly, some funny, some deep, some totally witty, some angry, some militant, all clearly besotted with ipk.

met wonderful people. there was crooner, lovely girl called honeypriya (yeah, everybody had their own forum names... i giggled at the very thought, then settled on indi52) ran the thread. that gracious invite to join in the chat, i'll never forget. got to know great girls and then one fine day (no not a fine day, but anyway) iss pyaar ko ended.

three years now almost... 

undeterred a group of us started watching again.

when i came to the forum, i barely knew how to post. but thanks to everyone and that collaborative happy atmosphere, i learned a lot. till one day i was making edits, vms, gifs... oh many many many thanks to all my wonderful teachers.

and so it was, that along with writing long super long takes, i started making edits, very basic to somewhat more complex. like the ones above and below. i hope you enjoy these. 

a whole new world ipk gave me, i had no idea that would happen when on an unmarked midnight i saw a young man in a grey suit walk toward a young woman in a red saree and just could not look away.


those teej episodes
episode rambles

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