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episode 154 lead me a budia dance

they are ostensibly at war... but the eyes say otherwise... feelings go their own way. quantum physics comes to mind, or what i think it ponders. the picture may be one thing on the outside at the visible larger level, but look a bit within, at that sub atomic plane, the story is just the opposite.

"aur jisska naam arnav ho wo kuchh nahin kar sakta, right? shayad mujhe tumhe pakadna nahin chahiye tha, girne dena chahiye tha, hmm?" and the one whose name is arnav can't do a thing, right? maybe i should have let you fall, hmm?

husky smoke layered quiet intimacy. that "hmm" gives me instant acidity.

there's sparring over dancing together. both asr and kkg aver vehemently they are going to dance with the other... not. nice setting up, what you don't want to do, life makes you do... i thought. here and in asli duniya too.

i noticed nani and di are already exchanging looks, so the vibes are being picked up by the canny ones around.

she went to practice with nanhe ji... he was stalking off... but how not to look back once, those feelings in him that make him do what he's never done.

nk even is perplexed by the look on the faces. khushi's especially.

sweet akash and payal danced away at their predictable pace while fireworks crackled all around.

writers wrote a fine story to bring bua ji over to shantivan and engineered a momentous meeting. moody madhu claimed the boy's paternal grandma and the girl's maternal grandma have to dance at the wedding. and well, since the lovely young bride's nani had passed on, who else but bua ji could fill the position.

bua ji got ready to give takkar to nani ji... just a while back she had sounded forlorn at the fact that no one asked about her any more, and now suddenly a chance to dance, which she believes she's very good at.. a nice flow in the story. writers had empathy for all teh characters at thsi point, even madhu and her assistant had something believable in their interaction.

"ek aad thumka lagaike aate hain, garima!" lemme go do a couple of moves, garima! bua ji laughed gleefully. watching nani ji and bua ji i again thought ipk had been blessed with really fine actors. nani looked so pleased at the thought of dancing and that added "ladkewale" stuff she did in jest... after all her akas bitwa is getting married. "hum sabko batana chahat hai, ki hum sabki nani hain," i want to let everyone know, i'm everyone's grandma, she declared.

in an episode that moved swiftly and flawlessly, not missing a single step, we came to the ghanti baj jayegi moment... the bell rang and of course nk opened the door for bua ji.

"kaun ho, nand kissore?" who are you, nand kishore, asked the aunt of the handsome young man.

"that's right, hi... aur aap ki tarkeeb?" replied the one named after the lord, delighted she knows his name. he, of course, got his hindi wrong, asked what was her "tarkeeb", way, instead of "tareef", name.

"jiyat raho, babua, khoob jiyat raho," bua ji blessed him with long life.

"ji hi toh raha hoon!" i am living, said he. loved that. then he continued, being somewhat literal, one can't live forever, some day everyone must... hoonh, he pointed upward.

bua ji was horrified, she had to trundle forward and stroke his cheek at that and say, one mustn't speak so.

khushi was delighted with the proceedings and said to her friend she knew bua ji would like him. her friend was happy too, "bua ji likes me..." he beamed, you could see him thinking this was good since he had someone from kkg's family rooting for him. nk is an abs sweetheart, busily going about falling for a girl and dreaming of getting her as he is supposed to at his stage of life or so he reckons possibly. such a harmless feel to this character, there is an innocence in him, reminds me of a playful gamboling young colt.

nand kishore, you're great!...  he smiled.

the two madhus clashed the moment they met. bua ji refused to be fazed by the intricate steps the teacher suggested and said she felt hers was a better way. nani ji showed some graceful steps.

the dancing duo has too many opinions thought the increasingly thunderous teacher.

there were also nani bua differences. nani is an expert dancer, bua ji wants simpler moves, which of course she positions as somehow superior.

watching trouble brew, nk couldn't keep quiet any longer and said there'll be "nagda" soon when he meant "jhagda", a fight. khushi corrected him as everyone laughed. no one noticed asr on the steps.

"khushi ji, aap meri heart wali baat kitne achhe se samajh leti hai..." khushi ji, you are so good at understanding what's in my heart, said nk.

and the episode took a lovely leap landing on the angry look on the staircase.

but then a surprising turn, as nk carried on nonchalantly with his atrocious hindi mix up, now saying old instead of wonderful... he said what nani and bua were doing was "budia" as in old lady when he meant "badhia" as in wonderful. 

shock and laughter erupted and mingled as the usual correcting started. khushi called out and pulled his leg, you are "budia" she said.

at this, the anger had to melt, the man had to let his lips slant in an amused smile. these two madcaps reached parts of him most things couldn't.

i felt something for the terse nasty mirthless 26 year old. he is not that much older than the carefree nk, yet he has not an iota of that hang lose happy go lucky streak, because he can't. he must be in control of things, he must make sure nothing goes wrong again.

a lovely glimpse into his character, his weakness for insane innocent lunacy. khushi and nk both have huge amounts of that, and somehow this always cuts through and touches the man. it's a trait he really does not possess and yet he seems to be defenceless before it. this pure sanka, this innocence in khushi he finds irresistible possibly and maybe that's why it's even more painful when he imagines that she is not really that innocent.

the scene glides onto a shot that's achieved despite the impossible angle. somehow khsuhi sees that smile. it does things to her, touches her. who can blame her.

a long flowing moment of just connection.

then he returns to ire and departs.

all this transpires around nk, often he is instrumental in bringing about the contact between asr and khushi. i wonder if his malapropism is the flute, the bansoori, which is played expertly to lead the lovers to each other.

snake seethes in bed, skulking. his wife mentions twelve midnight the next day. a light hint at the approaching night games.

but before that a little comic break as nk speaks of khushi's wonderful "murda", dead body, when he wants to say "mudra", hand/fingers position/movement. funny dialogue, because when khushi started showing her beautiful mudra, and oh boy sanaya was just lovely there, someone did almost fall flat dead next to her. 

the hot tea scalded him and possibly brought him back to life. asr was always terribly attracted to khushi's beauty, her lissome femininity drove him crazy you could see. something so natural and not phoney about it. that first rabba ve had been all about a lovely woman in diaphanous red, alluring, enticing, gobsmackingly gorgeous.

again the two seemed to have a private conversation in silence right in front of everyone.

"wow! khushi ji, kya murda hai!" deadly nk dialogue, pun intended, writers obviously were having a lot of fun.

it was nk again who brought up the new year story... seems the person you see at exactly twelve midnight on 31st december night, will be the one you'll spend the rest of your life with.

the moment this was said, asr and kkg looked at each other...  that one look far more revealing than all the protesting they did later.

neither wanted to see the other's face but he was sure she'd show up in front of him somehow.

"pata nahin kyun, lekin aaogi..." i don't know why, but you'll come, asr said. strange and lovely exchange. he knows she will be there. maybe he wants it?

"har baar galat time pe galat jagah pahunch jaati ho," you always land up at the wrong time at the wrong place. yeah, that's how they'd met.

"hum ghoom phirke aapke saamne aayenge? hum?!!" i'll come before you somehow? me??!!

she's mad at him, he at her... all is well.

"par honestly tum nahin dikhogi toh achha hoga..." but honestly if you don't show up it'll be better. we believe you, asr.

a happy episode that ended on an expectant note, a cool jig in it. a quote heard many times came to mind as they squabbled away, he with arms folded across his chest taking his time to look her over, she sizzling and yelling.

"the lady doth protest too much, methinks." in this case, even the gent was doing the exact same thing. 


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