Saturday, 3 December 2016

arnav ji goes to sasural

a r n a v  j i   g o e s   t o   s a s u r a l

the kick landed right on his stomach. he jackknifed up on the bed, "what the!" he exclaimed in agony.

clutching his stomach he looked around in bewilderment. what could have hit him like that? was someone out to kill him?

then he noticed her leg on his lap. huh! what was khushi's leg doing here? before he could grasp at an answer, a fist came and hit him hard on the shoulder...

he turned and stared at khushi. it was her. she was kicking and punching him. what was this? some sort of bizarre khushi kumari raizada... singh gupta revenge plan? he snarled at her viciously only to realise she couldn't see it.

she was fast asleep.


his jaw had just begun to drop, when her right leg swung out from somewhere unknown and struck his shin sharp.

"ow!" he exploded, grabbing his shin with both arms and rolling in pain. khushi flung an arm around him and held him tight, he could hear the faintest, softest, "mmm, arnav ji, chhoriye hume!"

(mmm, arnav ji, let me go!)

the pain seemed to glide from his shin to somewhere near his heart, all around it, and gripped tight. he closed his eyes, feeling the blow of her soft utterance and the weight of her lissome arm across his chest.

he let go of his shin and put his palm on her arm where it rested against his heart.
"khushi!" he whispered, a helpless sound in it tonight.

she decided to roll away just at that moment, all the way to the edge of the narrow bed. he was beginning to sit up to pull her back, when she moved at mercurial speed once more, rolling right back and slamming hard against the length of his body, her back to him.

his arms reached out in reflex. she pressed back against him and her elbow flew backward jabbing him in the ribs.

"uggfhffh!" was all he could manage. then before any further damage was done, he slipped his arms around her from behind and held her firmly, pulling her even closer.

"come here, you crazy taekwondo queen, and stay still, samjhi tum!" he whispered, a little anger in his voice.

his shin was really hurting. her size was deceptive, all that samosa, chana and poori eating had obviously built brute strength in his sleeping beauty. he peered at her innocent features evocative in the moonlight. a malfunction in the heart region occurred instantly.

he swallowed.

his hand accidentally brushed against her belly... it yielded to his touch, cushiony and soft.

something leapt in him. he closed his eyes. how would he survive this night?

he breathed out very carefully and opened his eyes, and concentrated on the bright pink mosquito net. maybe it would work, take his mind of... things.

pink mosquito net? what the.

she punched him on his quadriceps. deftly.


i wrote this for blast from the past thread 24's main post. the episode 234 first time in bed together scene is one of the most curiously erotic scenes between asr and khushi with all its hitting, bashing, anger, laughter, undercurrents of desire.



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