Tuesday, 27 December 2016

on a verandah quietly

sometimes i forget to phangurrl even, so intense and powerful is the portrayal. not a word is spoken by him in this sequence. a few well chosen flashbacks to speak of the fight to the death of two separate claims on him, one of his heart, the other of his brain. i look at this part of 247 with a certain rapt attention every time. just a man's anguish. he has accused his wife of something that is killing him as well, while she breaks to pieces elsewhere. a thick insurmountable emotion, gripping a man who refuses to be held down. so much is told just by an untrained actor's expressions... i have watched enough expressions in my life to know which one is getting to me and sweetening something inside me. or not. very rarely does this happen. there are two shots there where everything looks identical, but something in the eyes has changed. i would some day like to know how this actor's mind works. how he gets in so deep, to the true place within, where just that is there... and if he tells me he just does it, just like that, i would choose not to believe him. i am grateful to the directors who understood the innate strengths of their actor. whoever decided to tell him to express this feeling... i have a feeling they did not have to tell him, exactly how. 247 had many lovely things. this is perhaps my favourite. also in the sbs segment kate has posted (no longer on the net sadly), his many bungled takes and finally the one where he gets all three sentences right and advances angrily toward her, the voice, the inflection, the body language... even better than what you see in the episode. so it's not all dubbed i think, and feel a thrill difficult to explain. pity, i couldn't cap the hand hitting the railing hard... and even in slomo moving with a thrilling energy.


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