Saturday, 3 December 2016

episode 156 meet me at midnight

"ro rahi thi, bhai... mujhe unse milna hi padega..." she was crying, brother... i must meet her, said akash with a lost troubled look.

a comic slant with a generous dash of slapstick in it got going through most of the episode. happy slapstick though, delivered with enjoyment by all actors. especially the three bhais and the one sanka devi.

it's all about the meeting at 12 midnight. in hindi "bara baj gaye" or twelve o'clock has struck means things have come undone, gone haywire. well there would be some haywire going at midnight soon.

but before that, it's bara baj gaye for me as a man looks indescribably good in a frame all black and brown and colourless. a simple shot, man in dark brown sits on brown and black chair and looks at black laptop. he is doing nothing, just staring at a screen, his fingers on the keyboard. how can such a shot have the mind riveted... something vivid, and magnetic about asr, about barun sobti. the very air around him seems charged and full of bated excitement.

it's the poolside and the bromance is easy. as i watch i note that asr did indeed try everything he could not to go anywhere near kkg. but alas that was not to be. for nand kissore again had initiated a game. he had jet lag after four days and couldn't accompany lover boy akash on his midnight tryst.

asr was not taken in by the young lad from down under, yet he said nothing much. maybe without his knowledge, his heart too was wanting to see a certain face that night, the cusp between the old and the new.

no doubt at all that all kkg could think of this evening was that laad governor. hey devi maiyya, she must make sure she doesn't come before him, she would stay at home, go nowhere, that way of course she wouldn't meet him.

writers played along all the characters and undercurrents and subconscious desires to a point where it became clear that the man who had loudly interjected "no!!" at the mention of going to lakshminagar, will be going exactly there.

at any other point in story this whole thing might have seemed forced, but these are the topsy turvy days around a wedding. things acquire  a different mood then and a lot of things that would be unthinkable otherwise seem quite normal.

i can't imagine asr sitting and wasting time on how and when his cousin will meet his fiance. in fact, he is a bit brusque about it all as he should be.

and akash is suddenly so shy that he needs bhai for moral support? he had managed to fall for and woo payal ji all by himself, pushing those specs up on his nose, sounding a bit goofy but sincerely and truly in love. ah well.

"boring and unromantic," nk said asr's plan for akash and payal's meeting was

asr was unfazed. it's practical, won't fail. that "practical" tugged at something in me. born with a yearning for something afar, those eyes always glittering and looking out to what who knows, asr seemed to almost turn away from that side consciously and woo his practical gene. he believed he was a practical man. all this love romance pyaar, etc., were not meant for someone like him, that was the kind of thing di was into. he had no idea, did he, how terrifically romantic he really was.

and he was a clever man with a crisp incisive sense of the moment. when there was talk of khushi's superior ability at making plans, he decided to have some fun.

"toh tum khushi say idea lene wale ho..." so you're going to take ideas from khushi, he said to akash. akash said, yes. "all the best," said man in brown and walked off.

the fairylights suddenly caught my attention, this viewing. snake was going to use fairylight wires to kill anjali. that too at the poolside.

but fairylights belong to a girl in green wrapped in them and a man unable to disentangle himself from the swirls of feelings all about him, in him... right here at this poolside.

so in asr's hands the glimmering lights become emissaries of dhakdhak and in shyam's hands they become the messenger of death.

interesting writing.

also, i think by 156, the forum had become most active with a whole host of smart, vocal woman from all over the world having fun here. their voice used to be heard by the makers. i remember when i joined people talking about how things being discussed here were finding there way to the story.

when anjali switched words and said shyam came up the window and came in through the pipe.. pipe se andar aaye... instead of saying it the other way around, i had a feeling gautam hegde or hitesh kewaliya were sort of laughing along with the forum's favourite name for shyam... snake.

couple of other dialogues that were funny:

anjali's saying of akash, "yeh hamare ghar ke sabse sharif aur sabse suljhe hue bachhe hain..." he is our home's most decent and simple boy, i had to giggle. yeah the other one is definitely not sharif... loves being badtameez, khadoos and many other awful things.

in nk's room amid the confusion and chaos of jet lag and nk's malapropism, soon after he'd said "main parvat badlata raha..." instead of karvat... so it came out, i kept changing mountains... akash looked at asr perplexed and muttered

"kaunse parvat?" which mountains?

"i don't know," said asr. perfect pitching and really funny.

i noticed the background score was a refrain from satte pe satta... upbeat, rambunctious fun suggested in it.

in the meantime khushi made jalebi and obsessed about asr. uss asr.

the stage is set. snake has promised a "jhatka" at midnight meaning the electric shock he's engineered. thankfully the jhatka will shift and pass current elsewhere; while his plan, not practical and unnecessarily elaborate, will fail.


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