Friday, 16 December 2016

one of those ipk moments... 163

"haan! haan! ab aap kahenge ki jeet aapki hogi.
phir hum kahenge, 'yeh toh ho hi nahin sakta,
jeet hamari hogi,' phir aap kahenge,
'what the, khushi kumari gupta!
tum itne davedaari ke saath
kaise kah sakte ho ki jeet tumhari hogi?'
phir hum muskarate hue aapki aakhon mein
aankhe daalke ye kahenge,
'mr arnav singh raizada, bachpan se hum
(eyes roll crazily) pratiyogita mein bhag
lete aaye hain (smug smile)
aur jis tarah ki jeet ka tajoorba hume raha hai,
usske baare mein (eyes close and open)
aap soch bhi nahin sakte...
(set of brown eyes narrow slightly)
jisse aap shor sharaba kehte hain na,
hum usse sangeet kahte hain. 
 ghoongroo ki awaz toh humare
liye jang ki bigul ka kaam karta hai!'"
little snarl and a...
"what the!" through clenched teeth.

"ab aage bhi badhiye aapke iss what the se,
mr arnav singh raizada, jahan pe
aapka yeh what the khatam
hota hai na, wahan pe
hamare thumke shuru hote hain."

here's looking at your thumke, kkg.

"yes! yes! now you'll say that you'll win. then i'll say, 'that can't be, we shall win,' then you'll say, 'what the, khushi kumari gupta! how can you say with such certainty that you'll win?' then with a smile i'll look you in the eyes and say, 'from the time i was a child (eyes roll crazily) i've been taking part in competitions (smug smile) and the kind of experience i have at winning, (eyes close and open) you can't even imagine... what you call noise, i call music. the sound of ghungroo works like the bugle call to battle for me!" little snarl and a "what the!" through clenched teeth. "now go beyond that, mr arnav singh raizada, where your what the ends my thumkas begin!"



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