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episode 8 room with a goat

bakri ka kamra. goat's room.

episode talks the talk with wonderful dialogues yet again; and you know who walks the walk, gorgeous in smoothly shrugged on grey. white shirt, blue half sleeve shirt, eyes playing fifty emotions, worth all the obsessive compulsive innumerable watches. 

"wahi toh problem hai, jiji, sochten hain to samajh nahi aata aur samajhtey hai to socha nahin jaata."  that's the problem, jiji, if i think i can't understand and if i understand, thinking isn't possible.
simple dialogues, delivered with conviction and no overacting, painted a character. the essential free spirited flowing good hearted impulsiveness of kkg, can't do too much of thinking and understanding and stuff, what she gets she gets and then she goes for it.

the writing is neat, take it as lightly as you like or mixed with deep thought, your wish. on this second trip through ipk, hitesh kewaliya's talent is constantly awakening senses, while some actors are making sure i completely lose it. more complex than lucknow ki bhoolbhulaiya my dear serial ji, but i'm not complaining.

di: "arnav, jo hamare kismat mein tha, wo hi hua, aur jo aagey hai wo hi hoga... tum apne andar itni nafrat mat rakho ki jeena mushkil ho jaaye. man halka karne se shayad jeena asan ho jaayga, arnav."
arnav, what was in our destiny, that happened, and whatever is there before us... that will happen. don't keep so much hatred in you that it becomes difficult to live. if you lighten your heart, might be easier to live.  

he: "mujhe uss tarah se jeena nahin aata di. main doosron ki tarah baithkar apni kismat ka intezaar nahin kar sakta. maine aapse pahle bhi kaha hai... main apni kismat khud banata hoon."
i don't know how to live like that. i can't like others sit and wait for my destiny. i have told you before as well...  i make my own destiny.

how dissimilar two siblings can be. one chases fears and reality away with a thousand rituals and "buzurg kahtey hain...", our elders say... plus of course, completely refuses to take any responsibility for her own life with her faith in "kismat" and its doings. while the other looks every fear and harshness in the eye and says, "i do, i don't get done to by kismat." i am grateful that this remains the same to the end, and asr is not turned into a reality fearing, other people's rituals abiding non-actor in the play of his own life.

now we know lakshmi ji is a goat, the bathroom is the trick door to the world outside, manorama mami yearns for mil's lau, goats love laddoo, pure leather squeaks on pure marble, and some men look devastating in a certain shade of blue with mud on their hands. 

mind racing at possibilities should one happen to come upon such a man in the poolside garden, and his voice cuts in, husky, brooding:

"di, aap dhirey dhirey nirupa roy bante jaa rahe ho."
di, you are slowly becoming nirupa roy.

sexy man with a troubled past, a walled in heart, an indomitable will. and a sense of humour. they mean to get me and i am not complaining.

in other news:

~ "ghee ho ya tel, bas lau jalni chahiye, woh bhi eehan... man ma... rahim ji, ee lijiye." ghee or oil, the lamp should be lit that's all, that too here... in the mind... rahim ji, take this...

with that, nani ji, the stern one, said one of the truest things ever and did away with narrow minded attitudes that divide people. she asked a man of a different faith, rahim ji, to actually take stuff meant for the prayer room. unthinkable to a generation not too far back.

and in today's tv i don't know of a single hindi serial with all its gaudy dressing and showy religiosity, which can handle this elegant presentation of practicing one's faith with one's own convictions. nani ji is traditional, she values customs and mores but is not constricted by them, she interprets things and acts in a manner she believes is right. so rahim ji can jolly well take care of pooja things. in fact, he is highly trusted and has tried to get the non "serbhaynt" mami ji to make those ghee diyas, but has only invited her wrath.

~ lovely play of movement onscreen. as kkg enters in the background, asr walks across foreground, they will miss each other. later a mirror of this with her in foreground.

~ so khushi went to shantivan by mistake. she was to go somewhere else. shantivan or nandavan? the first time too she had gone where she wasn't supposed to. later she again said the ditty which took her straight in his direction... clearly that find your way rhyme works perfectly... two out of two times it took her to the right destination.

~ the girl with the potli, the bag. a bag of tricks and treats? it was as shiny as her and left him completely nonplussed, the way she did. really, what was it doing sitting on his chaise longue?

~ the man walked into his room from the corridor through a door that later became the door to the bathroom. maybe he is really not just an insaan, a human, as the girl says? the girl who thinks of him more than he thinks of her, as her jiji says? maybe he makes doors move, bathrooms appear, pools fly? maybe he is the evil sorcerer? and the room indeed belongs to the goat?

~ the scene with his beloved di in the garden was beautiful. a relationship between two terribly close siblings. her little pouty drama mixed with real love for a younger brother who she knows is tender of heart and hurting badly. his banter about sis turning jija ji crazy in two years that he doesn't answer her calls, the deadpanning on nirupa roy, segueing without the slightest jerk to the discomfort any talk of his peace of mind or his emotional state brings on, then the quiet anger and determination in his stance as he speaks of his reason for acquiring sheesh mahal. he had promised her he'd buy her the house from which they were thrown out, so he has done it. so much story told with smartly picked moments and words. this is only episode eight and we can sense the characters, feel them, know them already.

~ of course that holding up of mud spattered hands and the slightly snarly "i don't like it!" to the sugarless kheer had me dazed.

~ he has diabetes. poor chap. i wonder why. was delighted to see this must have been the day they shot the picture that went into the frame we saw in the kanya pooja episode. he was looking so so dapper in grey. he owns that colour... and blue... and brown... and white.. and... aap toh suttepei kar leo!

was that the first time mano said the unforgettable words to mahendar? sigh. such finesse.

~ the bua ji, payal, khushi scene was spicy, over the top, and utterly natural to the aunt and niece, both inheritors of the dramatic gene. i liked the intercutting between the scene in the garden and this one. both were so much about simple complete love. 

~ this scene had me thinking, happiness, wealth, and mercy in the same place, fabulous. khushi means happiness, lakshmi is teh goddess of wealth, rahim means merciful and is one of the names of god.

~ just like that, for no reason, a casually gorgeous profile.

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